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You keep spending money on ads, get leads and clicks but no one converts… what are you doing wrong?

You send emails every week and they get maybe 5 opens… why?

You post on social media all of the time. Other brands have thousands of followers. How?

Whether you’re new or vetted, fresh or tired: there is hope. That hopes lies in an improved content strategy.

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It’s the difference between influence and screaming into the void. The internet is huge. If you’re going to stand out, you have to have something that GRABS, HOLDS and (ultimately) STICKS. That something is words. And those words have to be strategically delivered on every platform you have.

I get it. Some start-ups just throw everything to the wall to see if what sticks. I would generally discourage this try and try again method. For start-ups and small businesses especially. When your bottom line is literally on the line, you can’t waste any more time or money experimenting.

Whether you suffer from not-enough-time, too-many-cooks-in-the-kitchen, inherited-old-branding or don’t-even-know-where-to-start: I have the cure.

The heart of every good brand is the ability to communicate. You do that through thoughtfully delivered messages. If your messaging is scattered, unclear or even missing, you are missing out. And you won’t start winning until you up your game.

Let me explain more about what a content consultant does and the value it could add for your brand.

What is a content consultant?

A content consultant is hired by brands who want to grow. This growth is achieved through a systematic analysis and strategic recommendations. Every piece of content related to your brand messaging will be assessed for coherence, value and delivery.

What does a content consultant do?There are three key functions a content consultant performs. When I am hired for this service, here’s what I do:

1. Meet & Greet

Call to get to know you and understand your primary objectives. I’ll lay out the process and we’ll set a timeline for reporting and ongoing communication.

2. Analysis

I will do a full audit of:

Your website and landing pages – I assess these with numerous metrics in mind. I will measure them based on SEO (search engine optimization) and UX (user experience) and literally create a block-by-block commentary that gives you insight into how every section of your site is performing.

Your current ads – you’ll give me all of your ad campaigns from the last year. All. Of. Them. I want to dig in and see how you’re structuring things, what copy you’re using and what has been working for you. This helps because ads are part of an aligned brand presence, not a side gig just to catch new customers.

Other copy – have a Medium account? I want in. Have a random Tik-Tok an intern made? Show me. Have scraps of print advertising? Send me pics. I want to know which emails you send, how you manage projects and any other tools or techniques you have for success. It’s important that I see everything you have that has worked… and not worked. Only the full picture will give us the right next steps.

Your social profiles – I will visit, like, follow and otherwise snoop on every one of your social platforms. I’ll collect data from both the front end and back end of these profiles, giving you insight into how many “real” followers you have (v. bots) and what your potential is for each individual outlet.

Your competitors – I’ll do a crash course in your industry. If you sell perfume, I’ll know everyone who’s smelling sweeter than you. If you are trading cryptocurrency, I’ll know every website that’s outbidding you on keywords. This competitor research is a vital part of my strategy that has gotten my clients huge success. It’s important to know the sea you’re swimming in.

3. Reporting

I’m a big fan of communication… and spreadsheets. All of this thoughtful analysis is interpreted for your team in clear reports. I will make it absolutely clear where your brand and messaging is and where it needs to go. My reporting laser targets areas of weakness. I’ll provide reports that detail:

Your website organic traffic, performing keywords, best performing pages, top competitors and a full rundown of UX
Your social media presence: where it’s at compared to brands of similar size and services, how each platform is performing and your averaged numbers
Which ads are working for you and what kind of copy is most effective for your brand strategy and lead generation and conversion

That’s all well and good but I think the thing needs FEET as well. If you’re going to move the needle, you’ve got to have actionable steps. That’s why you won’t get files and files of lifeless reports: I’m here to help chart a path. Each of my reports will come with a punch list of recommended improvements broken out in three ways:

What you can do to improve your content RIGHT NOW
What you can do to improve your content THIS QUARTER
What you can do to improve your content THIS YEAR
It’s vital that you have real steps that you can take to improve but do so in a manageable way. Unless you plan to hire a full-time copywriter (I’m not volunteering), you need to eat this elephant one bite at a time.


I know I said I did three things, but that was a bit of a fib. Or a misdirect. Here’s the thing: I’m an extrovert. It’s great that we get to MEET but I also want to TALK. There’s a lot to talk through. As part of my process, I provide two consulting calls. One of these happens towards the beginning of this process and one happens towards the end.

Now, depending on our timeline, this entire process may take 2-4 weeks. It’s important to me that you know what I’m up to and what I’m seeing. There are different stakeholders that may need to listen in on these conversations.

You may record them for later use. We will make personal arrangements for these to happen. I find we often uncover crucial challenges and solutions when we collaborate. This connection is an important part of what I bring to the table.

Consulting services are only offered to select clients and a limited number of consultations are available each quarter.

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