Find Your Brand Voice

Based on marketing language research of the Top 500 Brands in the World.

Brand Voice Project: Methodology

This data analysis project essentially leveraged NLP and similar methodologies to assess the marketing language and positioning of the top 500 brands in the world. We then created character archetypes that were an aggregate/extrapolation of the findings of that data analysis.

Character Archetypes

Character archetypes were created by extrapolating shared data fields and language from the top 500 brands, without categorization. This means that each character archetype doesn't represent a specific industry, rather is a representation of how brands around the world self-define in their marketing. You will notice that many of the archetypes typify certain fields, such as food or air travel, but that is simply a correlation due to the similarity of branding in various industries.

Brand Voice Questionnaire

The questionnaire uses the top vocabulary terms, and phrases and impressions from the research, as well as survey data. It is randomized and meant to help brands find a starting point for crafting their own brand voice.

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Custom avatars/character artwork was created by storytelling expert and copywriter, Adele McKenna: Honeyguts Studios.