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Communication Coach

Become a worldclass version of whatever you want to be.

Do YOU feel that traditional education or training has left you short of the skills you needed to succeed in the real world?

Or maybe you’re in leadership and watching your marketing team fumble and fail.

I get that. And I can help.

Joy Youell
Joy Youell Coach

About Joy

Over the past ten years, I have worked as a content strategist and leader, building the skills for my professional consultant practice. To date, I've worked with more than 50 business leaders at midsize to enterprise level organizations.

Everyone wants to get to the next level. But you’re up against habits and hangups (many subconscious) that are fundamentally counterproductive.

And, let's face it, what you learn in college or even an MBA doesn’t really teach you the nuances of navigating a work environment.

There are gaps. I can find your skill and knowledge gaps and create a course of learning that will catalyze your growth.

Life’s too short to not tune in to who you really are and who you really want to be.

You rarely come across a remarkable person like Joy. I have the pleasure of working with Joy; she has helped me find my footing in this industry. I can confidently say that Joy has had the most significant impact on my professional growth. Joy's ability to always have an answer for you, no matter how diverse the questions may be, shows the preparation and wisdom that she brings to the table. She is a phenomenal leader that demonstrates integrity, self-awareness, courage, respect, empathy, and gratitude. Any team would be lucky to work with Joy and experience the value she brings.

Cass Mellen
Cassandra Mellen
Communications Leaders in B2B SaaS

Joy is a fantastic mentor, and a great colleague. She has extensive knowledge and expertise in all things marketing, SEO, and socials, and has provided tremendous value and insights over the past year of working alongside her. Her ability to frame words in an engaging and encompassing way, and her ability always bring extraordinary insights to the table is something I value. She is a pleasure to work with, and is always extremely organized, communicative, and adaptive. Joy has helped to shape the knowledge that I have today, and has been an amazing guide over the past year. You can't find a better person to work with.

roxy Cort
Cassandra Mellen
Marketing Leader in B2B SaaS

You get to choose where you want to grow. I’ll help you with the “how.”

  • enneagram & personality
  • strengths finder
  • leadership style
  • energy audit
  • comms management
  • trigger management
  • daily routine audit
  • love language
  • the right staffing matrix
  • atomic habits
  • conflict management
  • finding contentment
  • leadership identity
  • personal charisma
  • how to fire someone
  • giving & earning feedback
  • team building
  • when to outsource
  • meetings that matter
  • effective correction
  • the internal sale
  • imposter syndrome
  • managing expectations
  • scaling talent

the 10 year plan

your maturity modeltalent & roleswhat now/what nextgoal setting


psycho & demographicssegmentationanalysisbrand voice workshop

the infrastructure

project management tools project stages stakeholder management workflows

the inbound machine

assets, collateral; roadmaps for all digital properties; budgeting and teams

content mapping

framework elevator pitch pain points value drivers

the cycles

benchmarks KPIs & goal-setting building dashboards reporting templates

content strategy

editorials structure sourcing talent quarterly review

the outbound machine

assets, collateral; roadmaps for all digital properties; budgeting and teams


  • website strategy
  • UX/UI audits
  • backend
  • structure/ongoing
  • reporting
  • SEO: on-page, offpage, technical
  • forms
  • landing pages
  • funnel building
  • CX
  • lead scoring


  • social media
  • platform analysis:
  • persona and CTAs
  • by platform
  • specialist training
  • strategic direction
  • editorial planning
  • KPIs/metrics
  • reporting cycles and templates


  • lead nurture
  • marketing emails
  • segmentaiton,
  • workflows &
  • automation
  • email metrics and
  • KPIs
  • reporting cycles and templates


  • paid a strategies and templates
  • KPIs/reporting
  • PR strategies
  • building an EPK
  • press outreach
  • HARO, Sourcebottle, Qwotable, etc.
  • press releases
  • analyzing markets
  • customer intelligence
  • productization
  • Gantt & Kanban
  • data cycles
  • book club & discussion
  • competitive intelligence
  • research & development
  • go to market strategies
  • market leadership
  • digital-first tools
  • battlecards

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