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3 min read

Cultivating Organic Marketing in a Video-Centric Era

The landscape of direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands is ever-evolving. There's no way to get around it. A transformation is...

3 min read

A Quick Overview of A/B Testing

From the outside, it often appears to be sheer intuition that dictates decision-making. One company landed on the right...

3 min read

The Basics of Crafting an Effective AI Marketing Strategy

This may sound nerdy, but hear me out: using AI to create a marketing strategy is exciting. Think about how you'd...

social media blog

3 min read

Revolutionize Media with Web3: The Impact of Tokenized Media

A seismic shift is underway as the Web3 era takes center stage in media. This shift brings several burning questions:...

3 min read

Craft an Effective Short-Form Video Strategy

Let's face it: short-form videos have revolutionized how we can market to our audience. Remember Vine? Think back to...

1 min read

TikTok's Experimental Integration: Displaying Google Search Links

TikTok is currently in the testing phase of integrating links to Google search results within its internal search...

seo strategy blog

4 min read

ChatGPT for SEO

Is the advent of ChatGPT spelling the demise of SEO? Not at all. When harnessed correctly, it can significantly...

3 min read

SEO and Site Structure

Site structure is a critical aspect of web design. Not only is it a client's first impression of you and your brand,...

3 min read

Could Intelligence Augmentation Supercharge Your Business?

Intelligence Augmentation (IA) blends the computational might of computers with the discernment of human Intelligence. 

storytelling blog

2 min read

Unlocking the Power of Allies: Why Heroes Never Stand Alone

In storytelling, alliances and cooperation play a pivotal role in shaping the hero's journey. Just as in the art of...

2 min read

Explore the Enigmatic: Craft an Antihero Readers Will Embrace

Have you ever found yourself rooting for a character who seems to revel in their own flaws and questionable choices?...

3 min read

Classic Chinese Literature: A Must-Read List

Chinese literature is a treasure trove of beautifully crafted stories and tomes. Especially if you are a western-born...

creative writing blog

3 min read

Craft Angst: Embrace the Challenge

There's an undeniable allure to mastering the art of writing about angst. It's a popular theme, especially among young...

3 min read

Navigate the Enigmatic Realm of Slipstream Fiction

Ah, slipstream fiction. Much like speculative fiction, it lives in that nebulous territory between literary fiction,...

2 min read

Commentary on "How hip-hop uses Afrofuturism to take listeners on journeys of empowerment"

As hip-hop celebrates its 50th anniversary, it's only natural to ponder the genre's future. However, for many hip-hop...

technical writing blog

3 min read

Create a Proposal Style Guide

A commercial proposal serves as the initial point of contact with a potential client, offering vital information about...

3 min read

Average SaaS Conversion Rate for Marketing

Spend five minutes in the marketing world, and you will undoubtedly hear about marketing funnels. Contacts turn into...

4 min read

Who Is a Documentation Engineer?

As your business expands, the volume of documentation generated, stored, and shared within your organization naturally...

freelance writer blog

3 min read

10 Budget-Friendly Freelance Lead Generation Strategies

The freelancing world has many perks: freedom, diverse projects, limitless income potential, and the absence of office...

4 min read

How to Establish Yourself as a Writer: 7 Tips For Perfecting Your Craft

Professional writers in every corner of the world have at least one thing in common–we were all beginners at one point....

3 min read

Freelancing or Consulting: What's the Right Label for You?

When people inquire about my profession, I often find it challenging to provide a concise description. I...



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