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Joy Youell

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Joy Youell


Joy Youell is the lead content strategist at Hire a Writer. With a background in both business and philosophy (go figure), she excels at creating rich, nuanced, effective content strategies for mid-sized businesses. She functions as a consultant, writing coach, and business development partner for leaders who recognize that messaging is the cornerstone of brand vitality.

That's the boring version.

Here's the actual story:

When I was about eight years old, I hosted my first poetry club. It was called “P.O.E.T.R.Y.”; an acronym, the meaning of which has thankfully been lost to history. I always had a voracious appetite for words.

In highschool, I entered into a writing mentorship with a reclusive novelist who made it clear that my self-conscious simpering held no value. During that time, the only thing of note he brought to my attention was a scrambled, scribbled, frantic note explaining I had missed a due date. 

As we stood on his creaky porch at the edge of the woods, he jabbed an arthritic finger at it and said, “This!” And I’ve spent the last two decades trying to figure out what “This” really is.