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joy youell

I take the write approach.
(I know, I know.)

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i have the skills (and i can
prove it)

Here is some work I'm proud of, both in terms of
copy and SEO performance.

Wrote optimized content for "Shavuot Recipes." Within two weeks, outranked Good Housekeeping and New York Times.

I am a content consultant for Indeed, advising on the new training models and production for an AI content creation platform.

Research, create and manage content for this leading B2B client, regularly outperforming all competitors, including Amazon.

Content creator for Accertify, focusing on fraud management and other identity security tools for eCommerce.

Content creator for Hartman REIT, including blogs, articles, whitepapers and media placement pieces.

Content consulting, strategy and execution for blogs, articles, whitepapers, LinkedIn optimization & more for top 100 firms.
I also specialize in course creation. As you can imagine, those projects typically take 6-18 months. Contact me directly to have a conversation about instructional design.
my style

the right message makes all the difference

I am an avid consumer of copy. I am endlessly interested in what works, and why. This is why I have deployed some immensely successful websites, emails, ads and landing pages. I get to the heart of human connection and create personal communication. That's the big secret of all high-performing content: it's authentic. As am I.

"Joy is a gem to work with, she delivers on time, to spec and never makes mistakes. I've enjoyed working with her on a variety of projects, she's always delivered high quality work. I'll be keeping her on speed dial for the next batch of work!"
a trusted partner

i'm very proud of my client relationships

For example, these 3: Britt Schwartz of BS&CO, Anietie Ekanem (who's running for office in CA!) and Andrea Nucete-Elliot, Co-Founder of TIY Products.

I enjoy the outcome of hard work, a positive attitude and relentless pursuit of excellence. What I get from it all is lasting client relationships. Win win.

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