SEO: 0 TO 4,000 IN 12 MONTHS

The Hire a Writer™ team built and executed a content-forward SEO strategy that took the eseo site from 0 traffic (at launch) to an average of 4,000 hits a month, all within a 12 month period.


eseo (now merged with Run the Day) was a start up launching a brand new website in 2022. The Hire a Writer team provided a full SEO strategy supplied content. Within the first 12 months, website traffic attributable to organic search increased from 0 (new site) to 4,000 clicks per month.


eseo is an app that helps people find athletic groups, clubs, local events, and more. The Hire a Writer team went on all in on local SEO, building a strategy aimed at athletic individuals in the Philadelphia area.

We wrote carefully calibrated SEO content and also facilitated a media campaign to target the running community and drive traffic back to the site.

This is a breakdown of the cross-dimensional strategy for keyphrases:




Our team created, optimized, and posted between three and six blogs/week, strategically tackling all of the identified keyphrase opportunities.


eseo blog

Editorial Example:

  • Pickleball in Philly - Why is this sport so popular and where to play
  • Philly Sports for every season
  • Philadelphia Running Clubs (adults & kids)
  • Lawn Sports: Best Games to Play in Your Own Backyard
  • Philadelphia Running Events
  • Summer sports in Philly
  • Adult sports leagues in Philadelphia
  • Philadelphia Pickleball Courts
  • Kids sports leagues in Philadelphia
  • Philadelphia Marathon
  • Philadelphia Pickleball Leagues
  • Philadelphia Half-Marathons
  • Running Safety Tips for Women
  • Phildelphia Running Groups



BONUS - We coupled our identified lifestyle targets with conversion-friendly language to drive that persona to the app:


Want to hang out and have some fun?

Download eseo and meet new friends or develop a healthy hobby.

Want to find your kids a local spot to play sports?

Download eseo and find or schedule pick-up games with kids the same age as yours, who are ready to play near you!

Want people who take the sport as seriously as you do?

Download eseo to find worthy opponents and teammates who want to play when and where you want.

Want to get back in shape, or back on track with a sport you used to love?

Download eseo to get back in the game: recover your love of sport by finding people to play with.



Organic search traffic


Organic search traffic went from 29 clicks/month in March 2022 to 4,683 clicks/month in March 2023:

traffic 2

Organic search traffic from the last 12 months shows an average of 4,058 clicks/month.

12 months

Organic keywords


The website has more than 90% of traffic from non-branded keywords, which is important for a start-up that has yet to gain brand equity.

In March 2022, the site ranked for 98 organic keywords. In March 2023, the site ranked for 5,505 keywords.






Note, since the Run the Day merge, eseo has

not continued SEO content production, and yet the site continues to grow. This is an important point because it’s proof that a website is an appreciable asset. Invest in it the right way, and it will continue to win.



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