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Hire a Writer has a range of services that can meet your needs for well-crafted content. We write for websites, blogs, emails, ads and more.

Our four core offerings will provide immense value to your team. We operate in many scenarios:

A CMO or Marketing Department may hire us as a specialized team member to develop copy.

Instead of hiring internally, companies may farm out their copy work to copywriting agencies like ours.

Start-ups, entrepreneurs and businesses in the process of rebranding may make use of our copywriting templates or packages to jump-start their online presence.

Working with us is a simple and reliable way to get copywriting services you can trust.

Blog Subscriptions
A La Carte: Written Content
Copywriting Templates and Packages
Copywriting Retainer

Blog Subscriptions

Newsjacking blogs
Informational blogs
How to blogs
FAQ blogs
Q & A blogs
Blog articles
Editorial management comes with your blog subscription and includes:
Creating an editorial calendar:
Selecting blog topics (with your team’s input, if requested)
Scheduling blogs
Researching and picking relevant SEO keywords
Writing according to our SEO blog template
Delivering edited blogs to you
Monthly blog subscriptions are sold in packages of four or eight monthly SEO blogs. Terms and conditions (including length of subscription) apply.

"We’ve gotten more website leads in the past two months than we had in the previous two years."

- Tendon LLC

Copywriting Retainer

Many digital marketing agencies and businesses of all sizes have an eclectic mix of in-house and freelance talent. A copywriting retainer ensures that you get access to an expert content developer as you need it. This is a way to maintain maximum value for every piece of copy your business requires.

We help marketing teams and are on retainer at various companies to perform regular, monthly tasks that include:

Writing emails and company newsletters
Drafting and distributing press releases
New copy for social platforms
SEO Blogging or SEO pillar creation
Editing content that other staff members write
Blog articles

A copywriter on retainer provides a regular team member who is ready to perform. This is a unique and powerful way to reduce internal costs and ensure brand cohesiveness and integrity in your messaging.

Our ongoing work will improve organic web traffic, improve paid ad performance, improve email open rates and improve social engagement.

Copywriting retainers are available for a monthly fee, beginning with a six month term. Terms and conditions apply.

"It was truly such a pleasant experience right from start. Amazing writing skills, very professional, resourceful and very knowledgeable… basically everything you can ask for and more. I couldn’t have asked for a better fit for my business. We are looking forward to having a very long relationship with Hire a Writer for years to come. Thank you very much for your amazing services."

- Nathan Vankin
Founder of Elite Home Warranty

A La Carte: Order Written Content

We work with many businesses who have foregone hiring a freelance writer and used our copywriting agency instead. This strategic move has been made with quality in mind. As an upgrade to a copywriting package or as an a la carte offering, you can order a single SEO blog, SEO pillar, press release or other form of copy.


"An absolute pleasure to work with. The work is high-quality and timely. Respond well to feedback and are highly motivated. I especially appreciate being able to give a task and know it will get done well, on time, and without any concern on my part. I will definitely call on them again for future writing jobs."

- Crystal Ladwig

Copywriting Templates and Packages

Having worked with hundreds of start-ups and entrepreneurs, we understand the challenges of enacting a comprehensive content strategy. More often than not, content is simply not created because business owners and leaders didn’t think of it. Then, it is quickly dashed together and presents a less-than-coherent offering on the digital stage.

We have two options to solve the problem of missing copy, inadequate copy or hurried copy:

1. Copywriting Templates

We have distilled our decades of copywriting knowledge into templates. These copywriting templates provide an excellent framework and recommendations for developing your own content. All of the pieces of copy you may or may not know you need to launch a start-up, develop a small business or rebrand will be templated out for ease of use.

Copywriting template packages provide our guidance and suggestions but are a DIY endeavor. If you have a copywriter but want to ensure that the right standards are met, this is a worthwhile investment.


2. Copywriting Packages

All of the copywriting templates we have made available in the previous package still require many hours of work to write. To succeed as a new business or grow your business, all of this digital collateral is essential. If you would like it to be professionally written, you can purchase a copywriting package. All of the templates and materials will be written by one of our expert copywriters. When you make this investment, you will have all of the content you need to launch a start-up or grow your brand. We highly recommend it.


"This content is strategic to create impact. Quite the art to master. I am extremely satisfied and recommend this to anyone looking for strategic content writing."

- Andrea Sollenberger
Business Owner

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