Sometimes, your team just needs to have the right conversation.

We help your strategies take shape through masterful instruction and (most importantly) thoughtful facilitation.

Here are some of the workshops that come standard as part of our content packages or may be purchased as part of a consulting engagement.



SEO Training

Want your team to understand how SEO works and better “own” the strategy? Engage our team of SEO experts for a 4-part SEO training:

  • The Google Tools (GSC & GA4)

  • Your Website and Competitors

  • Keywords and Rankings

  • Editorial, Production, and Reporting

This is four hours of training in total that takes place over the course of four weeks, with access to an SEO coach for 3 hours of additional Q&A and 1:1s, as needed.

SEO Company Training = $2,500

After completion, participants will be invited to Hire a Writer’s biannual, six month comprehensive SEO course for free.




Brand Workshop Series

Ready to refine your brand’s messaging? You can achieve that by knowing three things: your audience, your competitors, and yourself. We take a holistic approach, and take our time, helping you discover your brand voice and stand out in a crowded digital world.


Audience Segmentation

Deliverable = audience segment report and customer journey mapping


Competitor Review

Deliverable = competitor comms mapping and key differentiators


Brand Voice Workshop

Deliverable = brand voice guide, content map, and content editorial recommendation

This is six hours of live workshops with at least 25 hours of additional research and 10 hours of additional Q&A and 1:1s, as needed.

Brand Messaging Workshop Series = $8,500

Note: these workshops may be purchased a'la carte, provided you have proof of comparable research and work that fills in the gaps.


Writer Workshops

You may choose to send a marketer or writer from your team to one of our regularly scheduled writer workshops:

SEO Training

6 month course that meets 3x/week, twice yearly.

$750 Per Month

$4,500 Full Course


Creative Writing

3 months in the spring and fall.

Pricing varies per course
but averages $1,500

Writer Coaching

Pricing varies per course
but averages $1,500

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