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5 Reasons Your Crypto Startup Needs Content

5 Reasons Your Crypto Startup Needs Content

The cryptocurrency space is red hot. Bitcoin (BTC) is currently barking at the heels of some major blue-chip stocks in market capitalization, proving to many the viability and longevity of the industry. As blockchain technology develops, it seems like projects hit the market daily, serving up all kinds of novel use cases from decentralized finance (DeFi) borrowing to non-fungible token (NFT) minting.

So what can you do to make a mark with your cryptocurrency startup? How can you build long-lasting hype and engagement in what feels like a sea of infinite new projects?

While the cryptocurrency and blockchain space offers plenty of new challenges, traditional forms of marketing still reign supreme. With a tech-savvy user base, quality, thoughtful and useful content makes a huge impression.

Let’s dive into the reasons why your crypto startup needs content; read on!

Keeping All Eyes on You — The Importance of Audience Retention

High-quality crypto content can be the lifeblood that keeps users coming back to your site time and time again. Content, especially when paired with killer aesthetic elements, can be vital to capturing audience attention and leaving a lasting positive impression of your company on users.

If you look at some of the major players in the cryptocurrency space, you’ll find that many companies have highly developed and incredibly useful content. This can come in the form of educational resources and detailed project documents. Whatever it is, it serves a purpose and keeps users coming back.

Take a look at Binance Academy. This offshoot of the wildly popular exchange aims to educate users about all things crypto. It’s a perfect example of what a company can do with content that helps set itself apart from other similar platforms.

Leveraging this tactic is easier and more cost-effective than you might think. Having a cryptocurrency copywriter develop blog sections, web page copy and other forms of content is enough to set you apart from other blockchain brands.

SEO Content is the Key to Visibility

Say it with me “search engine optimization.” If this is a foreign term for you and your crypto startup, you need to become aware quickly. Take a look at Bitcoin. Search volumes for the word “Bitcoin” grew 356% since November 2017. What this means is that you need to stand out to get in front of users.

Any marketer worth their salt will praise the benefits of SEO-optimized content. Basically, consistent and high-quality content puts you at the front of the Google, or other search engine, rankings.

SEO content helps your company be more visible online and builds trust and authority with your audience. While SEO is more complex than that simple introduction, almost any crypto company can start utilizing SEO content in its marketing strategy.

The first step is teaming up with someone who understands the ins and outs of SEO. You can do a lot yourself, but having a professional team develop a content strategy and perform SEO audits to your current content is the key to ranking higher on search engines.

Something to Talk About — Content and Social Media Channels

Cryptocurrency is truly a 21st Century industry. While plenty of other companies can get away with a limited online presence, with blockchain and related tech, you must develop a voice across as many social media channels as you can.

That means Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, GitHub, Medium, Telegram, Discord and much more. Companies that understand this multi-channel approach often build a bigger and more prominent brand presence in the space. Having quality content means you have something to provide all those eager followers.

A big social media following is one thing, but converting those leads is another. Consistent posting with content that converts can help your cryptocurrency startup build the traction you need to succeed.

The Crypto Space is Hungry for Content, Give it to Them!

With the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry growing rapidly, a huge deficit in quality content seems to exist. The startups that provide that content get the users.

That’s why content is so critical for the growth of your crypto company. As a business, you win when you answer the needs and wants of your customers. In crypto, people are dying for content that educates, informs and entertains.

Moreover, search engines judge quality content highly — giving you a leg up when it comes to SEO.

Content Can Build Trust and Loyalty

Let’s be honest; poor-quality blockchain projects are a dime a dozen. We’ve all seen the horror stories that seem to be the bane of the crypto space, especially in DeFi. So how can you position your cryptocurrency startup as trustworthy?

By now, well, you should know the answer. I won’t hide the lead; it’s quality content.

In an unregulated and decentralized world, it’s hard to build trust. Here is how content can help:

  • Consistent quality content can be the key to maintaining client and user relationships.
  • Building a catalog of free informational content with no apparent hidden agenda can establish a spot as a thought leader. This means your audience is much more likely to trust your startup with their hard-earned funds.
  • Spreading quality content across social media and sharing it with trusted crypto sites develops brand reputation and bolsters positive associations with your startup.

For content marketers, it comes as no surprise that trust and loyalty are key. In fact, a study performed by the Content Marketing Institute found that 81% of B2C marketers can tie their success to building customer trust. 

Finding Quality Content is Easier than You Think

Whether your crypto or blockchain startup is lost in its content marketing strategy or on course for success, having reliable copywriters on your team is an invaluable resource for any stage of company growth.

If you’re searching for quality content, hiring a freelancer might be the way to go.

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