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Create Better Listicles

Create Better Listicles

Listicles, also known as 'list posts,' have become a popular article format characterized by their list-based structure.

While the classic listicle typically features 10-20 items organized around a specific theme, modern listicles have evolved to include additional valuable information for readers.

Why Listicles Remain Effective

Listicles continue to thrive as a favored blog post format for several reasons:

Time Efficiency

In today's fast-paced world, people prefer easy content to skim and digest. Listicles cater to short attention spans, allowing readers to grasp essential information quickly.


Listicles are effortless to create, particularly when compared to more extensive blog post formats like comprehensive guides or case studies. Crafting a listicle involves listing 10-20 items, filling in the details, and voilà! In some cases, you might even curate existing content.

Preview Appeal

The strategic use of numbers in listicle titles gives readers a preview of what to expect, enticing them to click. For instance, a title like "15 Ways to Grow Your Blog" inherently sets expectations.

Comprehensive Coverage

Not all listicles are brief. Some aim to encompass all the critical information on a particular topic within a single page, becoming the ultimate authority. For instance, take a look at the exhaustive list of Google's 200+ ranking factors by Backlinko.

Versatile Applications

Listicles can be employed across various niches. From a fitness instructor listing every keto-friendly food with nutritional values to a dog trainer compiling all US-based dog toy brands – the possibilities are endless.

Best Practices Selecting the Right Listicle Format

Listicles come in various formats, so your first step is choosing the one that suits your content best. Here are some listicle formats to consider:

The Simple List: A concise and straightforward list of items on various topics. Often used for shareable content on social media.

The Expanded List Post: Similar to a standard listicle but with more in-depth information on each item. Ideal for practical, how-to content.

"Best of" List Posts: Highlight the best people, bloggers, quotes, or resources within a niche. Often attracts engagement from those featured.

Roundup with Influencers: Collaborate with industry experts to gather their insights, quotes, or advice. Enhances your content's credibility.

Choosing a Topic

Picking the right topic for your listicle is crucial, as listicles excel with certain subject matter that can be presented in a 'collection' format. Here's how to find suitable topics:

Use BuzzSumo to identify trending topics with high social shares. Rely on your own expertise to create listicles on topics you are knowledgeable about. Perform keyword research to target search terms that align with listicle content potential.

Enhancing Your Listicle

To make your listicle stand out and rank well, consider adding extra details to each item on your list. This additional content can include:

  • Actionable steps
  • Screenshots
  • Contextual information
  • Real-world examples
  • Visual aids (infographics, video tutorials)
  • Advanced tips and strategies

After publishing, utilize tools like SEMrush to identify potential backlink opportunities and reach out to others mentioned in your list for organic promotion.

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