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How to Repurpose Content as a Copywriter

How to Repurpose Content as a Copywriter

If you’re a civilized human with access to the internet (hiii, you’re reading this), you probably share in the experience of being bombarded with content every day. What’s your favorite: the 60-second video clip, 30-minute podcast episode, or the slow read of a thought-provoking article? (Confession: I can’t pass up a podcast.)

If you’re a modern person with content preferences and also a writer, phew! Your stamina for information consumption is probably higher than most. You know the routine:

Research. Read. Comprehend. Outline. Write. Investigate. Edit. Repeat. 

Writers can fall into the trap of tunnel-visioning new ideas through strict expectations of written material. But with so many varieties of media today, one of the easiest (and most neglected) ways to come up with a new piece is to repurpose segments of value that already exist. 

Whether you’re in a rut or you simply want to prepare your future content calendar, here are four simple ways you can repurpose creative content in your writing.

4 Ways Writers Can Repurpose Content 

Note: These are suggestions for repurposing your own content. You can also do this for clients with their permission. Never directly repurpose a random person’s course or creative work and then claim it as your own.

1. Turn Blog Posts into Social Media Copy

If you struggle with social media, look to your blog for inspiration. Turning former blogs into social media carousel posts is a great way to spark the attention of your audience and guide them to your blog for more information. 

The best way to turn blogs into carousel posts is to design an appealing cover image with the headline, then share subheadings and brief key points in each slide that follows. “How to” blogs or listicles are great options for this type of repurposing. 

2. Convert a Podcast Episode into a Blog

Some people despise podcasts. There will always exist the type of person who prefers to read instead of listening. 

If you or your client has a podcast, you can boost website SEO by writing a blog inspired by an existing episode. Start by gathering keywords on the episode topic, then write a blog based on the interview. Listening to a podcast interview before the writing process helps you gather pull quotes and key points that readers may find fresh and insightful.

Search engines don’t crawl audio files (yet). Taking quality podcast episodes and crafting optimized blog posts around them is a smart way to not only make the information more accessible to others but to also boost the website over time. 

scope of work template

3. Update Old Articles with New Insights 

Okay, maybe this doesn’t count as fully repurposing content. But every well-established blog has a list of posts that haven’t been shared in years. Unless you have some type of automated scheduler set up to repeatedly share older articles, your following is missing out on useful information of the past.

Especially if you’re an expert in your field, consider which topics you could refresh and reshare. Maybe you blog about online education programs but haven’t updated your blog titled, “How to Start a Free Course”. Go back and update the post with relevant advice (because guys… times have changed), and share it to your social media feed. You can even make it an ongoing project to update your blog archives.

4. Publish an eBook Based On a Video Series 

Have a YouTube series on something? Outline all the information and make an eBook out of it. You made the video series– why not compile all the information into a short book? You could even boost the value of the eBook with worksheets or homework pages for readers to write and take notes. 

Need Help Writing New Content?

No matter what type of content you’re primarily sharing with your audience, the team at Hire a Writer can help you out. Whether you need a new content strategy, repurposing of content for your site, or SEO copywriting, our expert writers specialize in turning your ideas into words that rank. Contact us today– we’re ready to start writing.

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