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How to Use Bluesky Social

How to Use Bluesky Social

With X (formerly Twitter) sparking concerns and dissatisfaction since Elon Musk's acquisition in late 2022, users seeking an alternative have prompted the emergence of rival social media platforms.

These platforms aim to provide a Twitter-like experience devoid of the baggage associated with Musk's ownership. One such contender is Bluesky Social.

Currently in beta mode, Bluesky Social offers a decentralized social networking experience reminiscent of Twitter.

Notably, the platform is backed by Twitter's co-founder and former CEO, Jack Dorsey.

Initially launched in 2019 during Dorsey's tenure at Twitter, Bluesky was meant to evolve with cooperation and funding from Twitter. However, the shift in ownership led to the severing of ties between the two entities.

The Buzz Around Bluesky Social

Amid Twitter's turmoil, marked by declining user numbers and advertiser interest, Bluesky Social has garnered increased attention. This surge in popularity has prompted many to ponder whether joining the platform is a worthwhile endeavor.

Getting Started with Bluesky Social: A Step-by-Step Guide

In case you're ready to flip the bird, here's how to use Bluesky Social.

Access Bluesky via App or Website

To join Bluesky Social, you'll need an exclusive invite code—a coveted item in short supply. You can either join the waitlist or request an invitation from an existing Bluesky user. Once you secure your invite code, you can join Bluesky through their mobile app or website.

Select Your Hosting Provider

During sign-up, you'll be prompted to choose a hosting provider. In most cases, you'll stick with Bluesky itself, the default option.

Enter Invite Code and Details

Provide your invite code, email address, password, and date of birth to proceed.

Create Your Handle

Choose a user handle (username) to represent yourself on the platform. Your complete handle will be your chosen name followed by bsky.social (assuming Bluesky is your host), such as @johndoe.bsky.social.

Access the Bluesky Feed

Once signed up, you'll be directed to the main Bluesky feed, resembling the layout of Twitter. Your task now is to discover accounts to follow and explore various custom feeds.

Find Accounts to Follow

Click on the "Find accounts to follow" button. Bluesky will suggest potential accounts on the bsky.social network that align with your interests. Click the "Follow" button for accounts you wish to follow.

Search for Accounts

To find specific accounts by name or topic, use the Search icon in the mobile app or the Search field on the website. Type in a search term, and associated accounts will be displayed. Click "Follow" next to an account to follow it.

Discover Popular Posts and Accounts

Navigate to the Discover tab to find trending posts and accounts worth following. Another tab, "Popular with Friends," showcases posts that are popular among your followed accounts.

View Additional Feeds

Explore more feeds and accounts by selecting the icon or category for "My Feeds." Click on "Discover new feeds" to find and add interesting feeds.

View Your Feed

Once you've added feeds and followers, return to the Home page and select the "Following" tab to view your customized feed.

Engage with Posts

Interact with posts by replying, reposting, liking, or reporting them. Tap the ellipsis icon to access additional options.

Create and Share Posts

Share your thoughts and content by tapping the "New Post" icon. You can include images and links to enhance your posts.

Notifications and Moderation

Stay informed about notifications and use moderation features to manage your content and accounts.

Edit Your Profile

Customize your profile by adding a description and picture. Share your profile with others.

Adjust Settings

Access settings to fine-tune your experience, manage accounts, preferences, and more.

Embrace the Bluesky Experience

By following these steps, you can dive into the Bluesky Social world and discover a decentralized social network that offers a fresh take on the microblogging experience. With Bluesky, you can engage with like-minded users and enjoy a more tailored social networking journey.

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