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APP: Agree, Promise, Preview

APP: Agree, Promise, Preview

There are plenty of methods to writing good copy. Most are inherently equal in value but superior in how they specifically inspire as writer. If you churn out significant quantities of content each week, it can get easy to start generating words like a machine. Ironically, one of the best ways I’ve found to not being formulaic is to find new processes.

One process I use to write blogs is APP: Agree, Promise, Preview. This is just a way of framing content to draw readers in. We all have little tricks of the trade.

For instance, I have this little method where I grab my list of SEO keywords (usually 20 or so) that need to be incorporated into the copy and stick them on a digital sticky note. Then, I minimize the screen where I’m typing copy and set that sticky note next to it. As I write, I delete the keywords from the note and highlight them in the body. This way, I’m totally sure that I’ve included every keyword. I can eliminate that from my editing step and, voila, save myself time.

Much like that, writers have some go-to methods that include templates like APP. Here is a little detail of how best to use this process to improve your web copywriting skills.

How to Write an APP Blog

Here are the basics:

  1. Agree with the reader
  2. Promise results
  3. Preview the content

Let’s dive deeper.

Start a Blog By Agreeing

It is hard to come up with new blog ideas.”

True. We agree. Much like starting with a customer pain point in marketing copy, you should begin with a level set: we are alike in this way. I agree with you that. Better yet, YOU agree with ME that x-y-z. This begins your copy on a relational note, which is always best for the web. This isn’t a white paper, nor is it primarily about information relay. Blogs are about readership. Readership works when you make a connection. You can connect by agreeing about something.

The concept of beginning with an agreement is also helpful for SEO. This is because you rank better when your content is full of relevant keywords and phrases. By starting out with the point, you should be addressing the search that landed someone on your page.

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Continue a Blog With a Promise

If you learn how to use this strategy, it will improve the blogs you write.”

The rate of information overturn on the internet means that you have milliseconds to convince someone to keep reading. They have to feel assured that something worthwhile will result from the enormously important seconds they spend on your site. Make a promise. A real one. If you, then. I promise that. You will x-y-z.

State in clear terms the benefits and outcomes someone will get after this three-minute read. It will convince them to keep going.

Final Intro: Preview Your Blog

“In this short overview, I will explain what APP is and how you can use this method to write great SEO blogs.”

I used to always shirk this part. It felt too on the nose and I like twists and irony and cleverness. But, the reality is, if you beat around the bush people feel like they’re missing page two from the IKEA manual. How is this supposed to work anyway? What am I supposed to end up with?

If you want to give them a shelf and not a bench, you better be sure they understand what they’re about to dive into. Lay a tiny little table of contents or a roadmap of your content. This may help you in your outline process, too, because it will keep you on track so that you don’t rabbit trail into unrelated copy about home goods.

Copywriting Resources to Learn APP Process

APP isn’t something I made up. You can find it in a few places. For more info or a different perspective, check out:

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