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Why I Use Humor In Writing

Why I Use Humor In Writing

Pick a pun, any pun. If it is witty and leveraged correctly, humor can be a fantastic tool in copywriting. Humor can help you stand out in an otherwise dull field, it can liven up the party, and it can keep your readers engaged. So why don’t more writers use humor in their work? 

Is it a lack of creativity? Too much concern for the “voice” of the client? Or is it because they feel that humor doesn’t have a place in their niche? – I’m looking at you technical writers.

I use humor as a way to connect with my audience on a deeper level. Chances are they can find the same information from someone that is more qualified than I am, so why not make it memorable? 

Humor Makes Writing More Enjoyable

When I think of humor in writing, I honestly do it more for myself than for the readers. In my mind, it is a game. Can I really use a dozen Star Wars references and analogies in a single article? You bet your sweet petunias that I can, and I will.

The truth is that far too many copywriters burn out because they hate what they are writing. By adding small pieces that you enjoy into each body of work, your chance of surviving in this industry is substantially increased.

Humor Injects Personality

When was the last time you read the terms and conditions of anything? People do not read terms and conditions because they are BORING! The same is true of blogs, social media posts, and any other piece of content you create. They want to engage, so why not give them what they want? Toss in a great pun here and there, maybe a pop culture reference, and all of a sudden your audience turns into a toddler eating birthday cake, they can’t get enough.

The challenge is to know when and where you can deploy humor. If you are talking to Gen Z, you might ditch the Dawson’s Creek references in favor of something more relatable than James Vanderbeek.

Humor Separates You From the Sea of Copywriters

How do you go from one in a million to ONE in a million? You have to be willing to do things differently than your competition. Most writers that I know are great at the technical aspect of writing but struggle to stand out from the crowd. That might not be a big deal if you are writing full-time for a single company, but it can be a game changer for freelancers.

Don’t be afraid to be different. There are customers out there that are looking for ways to stand out from the crowd, and they will value a different voice.

Humor Separates You From the Robots

“The humans are dead, the humans are dead.” Flight of the Conchords jokes aside, copywriters have a new enemy in the form of machine learning. AI is rapidly evolving and changing the game at an unprecedented rate. Humor is one of the few things that they have trouble with in general, and it is almost nonexistent when it comes to creating full bodies of work.

As much as I hate to say it, humor could be the defining factor in success as a copywriter in 5 years. So start now and help us take down the robot overlords.