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10 Social Media Trends for Gen X

10 Social Media Trends for Gen X

Generation X–the forgotten generation–is made up of everyone born between 1965 and 1980 and sandwiched between the baby boomers and the millennials, who both get more attention in the generation war conversations.

Much has been written about how other generations use social media, but what about Gen X? According to Forbes, their buying power is disproportionate to their numbers, so by leaving them out of your social media marketing strategy, you are leaving an opportunity on the table. If people in this generation are part of your core online audience, it is wise to understand how they tick, what they care about, and how you can appeal to their sensibilities. 

Let’s dig into some social media trends for Gen X.

Adoption of Social Media Platforms

Gen X has a strong online presence. They are savvy digital users, with some reports indicating that 75% of Gen Xers spend time on social media. While they spend a fair amount of time online, they are likely to stick to the platforms they know and not adopt new technology. Because of this, the platforms with the most Gen X users are Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Authentic and Personalized Content

Gen X appreciates authenticity and personalized content that resonates with their values and experiences. Brands that create relatable content tailored to Gen X's preferences will see better engagement. One way to boost the authenticity of your online presence is by incorporating user-generated content (UGC). Sharing content that showcases your brand from your real customers is a powerful way to influence people to purchase.

Video Content Dominance

The top social platforms for Gen X all have something in common–a plethora of video content. Whether short- or long-form, video content continues to be a dominant trend across social media platforms. Gen X enjoys consuming informative and entertaining videos, making it a great medium for brands to engage with this demographic.

Social Commerce

Gen X is comfortable making online purchases, and social commerce plays a significant role. LinkedIn refers to Gen X as “the social shoppers” who use social media to research, compare, and buy products. Brands leveraging social media platforms to showcase products and provide seamless shopping experiences can tap into this trend.

Niche Social Networks

While Gen X uses the mainstream social media platforms we’ve discussed, they also engage with niche networks focused on specific interests or professional communities. Brands that identify these networks and tailor their strategies accordingly can effectively target Gen X.

Authentic Influencer Marketing

Gen X is skeptical of traditional celebrity endorsements. They value recommendations from authentic and relatable influencers who align with their interests and values. Any influencer marketing you decide to do should build your brand authority and assure your audience that your product or service is trustworthy and valuable. Influencer collaborations that feel genuine and transparent can resonate well with Gen X.

Increased Privacy and Data Concerns

Gen X, being more privacy-conscious, is increasingly concerned about data security and privacy issues on social media. Brands that prioritize transparency and data protection will earn the trust of this demographic.

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Purpose-Driven Branding

Gen X appreciates brands that take a stand on social issues and actively contribute to causes. Companies that align their values with those of Gen X and authentically (this part is important!) communicate their social responsibility efforts can forge stronger connections. The content you create needs to be of value to your specific Gen X audience.

Conversational AI and Chatbots

Gen X appreciates efficient and personalized customer service. Implementing conversational AI and chatbots on social media platforms can enhance customer interactions, provide instant support, and streamline communication.

Cross-Platform Integration

Gen X uses multiple social media platforms, and brands that offer seamless cross-platform experiences will capture their attention. Connecting campaigns across different social media channels and integrating them with other digital touchpoints can yield better results.

Social Media for Gen X - Hire a Social Media Strategist

Remember, while these trends provide valuable insights into Gen X's social media preferences, individual preferences and behaviors within this demographic can vary. It's crucial to conduct thorough audience research and adapt strategies based on specific target segments within Gen X.

Need some guidance with those strategies? Hire a Writer offers support for all things digital marketing. Reach out today.


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