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YouTube Music: Samples Takes a Page from TikTok's Playbook

YouTube Music: Samples Takes a Page from TikTok's Playbook

Discovering fresh tracks to listen to can be unexpectedly challenging — which is why YouTube is incorporating some ideas from TikTok in its latest platform feature: Samples.

YouTube Music: Samples

YouTube Music is currently testing a creative approach to aid users in discovering new music. It's called "Samples," and it resides within a new tab in the YouTube Music app.

Essentially, it offers a "seamless feed of brief video segments designed to introduce you to your potential new favorite music," essentially mirroring TikTok.

In essence, Samples is like TikTok, but exclusively features short snippets extracted from music videos. Given the prevailing music discovery trends in 2023, we believe this approach holds promise.

About Samples by YouTube

The Samples feed is personalized, so when you open it, the app presents you with a diverse range of music options that align with your preferences.

Should you come across something appealing, you can tap to play the song, view the complete video, incorporate it into a playlist, or even use it as the background for a short video.

One unique advantage YouTube has here is that it's the only platform where all these activities can be seamlessly accomplished within a single app. (And this is in addition to listening to podcasts and more — YouTube is really embracing all things audio under one roof.)

The Future of YouTube Music & Discoverability

The landscape of YouTube Music and its competitors hinges on the efficacy of their discovery mechanisms. Simply offering access to artists like Taylor Swift is no longer a unique selling point; these platforms are striving to become the hub where users unearth, exchange, and engage with music.

TikTok undeniably reigns supreme in this realm, and its influence is evident as playlists like Spotify's "Top Hits" and "TikTok Songs" exhibit uncanny similarities.

TikTok Songs/Sounds

TikTok's success in propelling songs into virality through dances, skits, and reaction videos has meant that the 30- or 60-second fragments of tracks that gain traction usually capture the most memorable part of the song.

TikTok is currently introducing its comprehensive music app, TikTok Music, to capture the entirety of the listening experience.

TikTok vs. YouTube Music

In contrast, YouTube is traversing this trajectory from the opposite direction.

The Samples feature seems tailor-made to emulate a comparable experience by showcasing the most enticing moments from every song ever recorded, hoping to entice users to explore the complete tracks.

A Little Like Spotify

This concept echoes Spotify's recent redesign efforts, which share some parallel goals and design concepts with Samples.

While Spotify's redesign faced swift backlash, the company continues to explore methods rooted in TikTok's mechanics to facilitate the discovery of new tunes.

Given that Samples is a mere tab within the app, it will probably generate less controversy.

Nevertheless, it highlights the remarkable potency of the swift, vertically-scrolling format in guiding users towards fresh content.

The Power of Social Media and Music

Music harmonizes with our everyday lives, serving as the backdrop to myriad activities. From bustling morning routines to conquering personal records at the gym or unwinding after a long day, music accompanies us through each step.

While beloved tunes align with our experiences, it's the allure of new, uncharted music that invigorates our daily rituals. Amidst the overwhelming array of available music, identifying what resonates can be a daunting task.

YouTube Samples - Will You Try It?

Empowered by an expansive repository of music videos, Samples will curate the vast expanse of the YouTube Music library, ensuring a constant influx of novel sounds. Users can effortlessly swipe vertically to uncover a new song, transforming music discovery into an enjoyable, effortless process.

A Quick Word: Samples for Artists

For artists, the Samples tab could open up a new avenue to reach a wider audience and foster a community on YouTube. The platform pitches this on its official announcement. It could be a prime opportunity for early adopters to jump in. 

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