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8 Ideas to Include in a Technical Blog

8 Ideas to Include in a Technical Blog

Things can start to get repetitive when writing technical blogs. Reducing writing fluff and replacing it with quality content will take your technical blog to the next level. If you’re running out of ideas for what to include in your blog, take a look at these eight SEO-informed sections to add meaningful content to your blog. 

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1. What to Expect

If you’re writing a technical blog for a company that provides a specialized, technical service, a “What to Expect” section is a great addition. In a “What to Expect” section, you’ll walk the reader through the process of hiring and working with the company. 

For example, if the company provides house calls as a part of their service, you should describe what will happen during the house call. This section will give your reader a better idea of why this company provides better service than others. 

2. Compare Similar Concepts

A similar concept comparison is an excellent way to hit those SEO keywords by including a heading that is frequently searched. For example, a section entitled “Rubber vs. Silicone” can illustrate the key differences while also directing readers from search engines to your blog.

Additionally, similar concept comparisons can describe the way that two products or services within the same industry are different. An example of this is “Difference Between Solar Power and Thermal Power.” 

3. Equipment and Materials Lists

Describing how a product is made or how a service is completed can add another layer of understanding for your reader. Equipment and materials lists are the perfect section to include to do this. One example would be, “Equipment Used for Concrete Engineering.” If the equipment and materials are not well known, add a short description. 


4. What Is…

One of the most important sections to include in a complicated technical blog is a “What Is…” section. This is where you’ll explain the foundational knowledge necessary for readers to understand the blog. “What is an Electronic Medical Record” is one example of this kind of section. This is the perfect section to ensure you’re writing for search intent and increasing your SEO reach. 

5. Benefits

A benefits or advantages list is also a section that should be placed in the beginning of your blog. When writing technical blogs, you’re explaining a complicated topic while also driving home why your readers need the product or service. When you describe the benefits of the product or service, in the framework of the blog topic, you can better reach your target audience. 

6. Industry Trends

A trends section doesn’t work for all technical blogs. However, a blog that broadly discusses an industry can include a trends section. It could be titled something like this “Technology Trends in Agriculture.” 

You may be wondering why a trends section is perfect for broader technical blogs. This kind of section allows you to hit on how the industry is changing and why the product or service will still be relevant and necessary as the industry changes. 

7. Examples and Types of Lists

Including lists of examples and types is always a helpful way to give readers a better understanding of what they’re reading about. Examples and types of lists work best for blog topics that may broadly discuss a line of products or services, related to one topic. “Examples of Wastewater Treatment Chemicals” or “Types of Rubber Mounts” are examples of these kinds of lists. 

8. Industry Standards

Finally, a great section to include is a standards page. This means describing some of the standards of making the product or completing the service that the blog is about. A standards section is an excellent way to include some information from authoritative sources. You can link to associations, federal agencies, and organizations that write industry standards. 

Using SEO When Writing Technical Blogs

The most important thing about writing technical blogs is that you’re using SEO to inform the sections that you include. Many of the sections listed above will help your blog rank on Google by utilizing the search intent of your readers. 

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