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Master Your SaaS Website Copy With These 5 Tips

Master Your SaaS Website Copy With These 5 Tips

Writing SaaS website copy can feel like a rehash of the same exact things on your competitor’s site. How much can you say about an email client anyway?

Staying relevant in your customer’s eyes means taking a strategic approach to developing your website’s copy across every page. So, how can you craft copy that illustrates your value without boring your customers?

Five Tips to Create Web Pages That Convert

Web page copy requires a strategic approach to effectively reach potential customers. Showing your value and standing out against the competition is more than a simple list of features and a quick overview of your product.

Here are five actionable tips you can use to create killer web pages that reverberate with your readers.

1. Focus on Benefits Over Features

Whether you’re writing for B2B or B2C, focusing on the benefits of your service or product is much more impactful than just a boring list of features. Put yourself in the customer's shoes. Why would they want to choose your business over the competition?

Focusing on benefits helps paint a mental picture portrait of the value your service offers. At the end of the day, the goal is to illustrate how the service you’re selling will help them. Time is money, so the faster you can instill the importance of your service to your customer, the higher chance of a conversion.

This is the perfect opportunity to weave in a bit of creative brand storytelling. Use powerful adjectives and action verbs to drive home the benefits they'll receive. If you can build an emotional or personal connection to your business, you’re making a bigger mark on your users.


2. Keep Consistent Across All Pages

It’s easy to look at a SaaS website on a page-by-page basis. If you’re not happy with your homepage, it's simple enough to only re-write the copy here to fit your changing needs and strategy better. A prospective customer might look at more of your pages, though.

If they find inconsistencies in your message, tone or quality of copy, it could raise some red flags. Moreover, you want to present a unified and connected message throughout your website. That’s precisely why you’ll need to keep consistent across all your pages.

So, when approaching SaaS website copy, try and do so completely. Re-invent your overall approach for every navigation page. Come up with a strategy that extends past the homepage or the landing page.

3. Know Your Brand’s Voice and Tone

Your SaaS website copy might be the first thing a lead sees. It’s important to not only define what your brand voice is but also keep consistent across all your marketing channels. Finding your brand’s voice is the first step, and staying true to the tone of voice (ToV) is what you need to focus on for your web page copy.

Do you want to portray your brand as technical and professional? Fun and inventive? Well, your ToV can illustrate many of these qualities. Think of it as the secret ingredient in your business. While your competition offers a similar product or service, your brand’s ToV is the spice that separates you from the pack.

Brand voice and tone are relevant to more than just web page copy. You can use it across your entire SaaS marketing strategy. It can help you present your business to potential customers in a way that is uniquely yours.

4. Write for Your Customer’s Journey

For any SaaS business, creating content that appeals to every stage of a customer’s journey is essential. Just as important, though, is knowing where each piece of content fits. Before you start cranking out the copy for your homepage and service pages, ask yourself: “which stage of the journey is the reader at?”

Try and think about your ideal customer. How aware are they of your brand or the industry as a whole? Would they be savvy to jargon and have a basic understanding of what you’re offering? These questions can help guide your SaaS copywriting.

Positioning yourself against a sea of competition is much different than introducing a new technology to the market. Since you want to keep your copy succinct and straightforward, you need to understand when to educate, when to illustrate benefits and when to deliver powerful CTAs

5. Utilize the Power of Social Proof

We’re constantly looking to our peers for validation on our decisions. Social proof is the idea that our brains subconsciously guide what influences us based on how our peers act. Basically, it's a way for us to reach a decision without the need for too much thinking. If it works for Joe, it’ll probably work for you.

For example, let’s say a customer is searching through you and your competitors looking for the right fit. If they see that peers in the industry are using your product, it might trigger a connection between your business, that peer and the quality of your service.

All you need to do is leverage data, social media proof and customer testimonials in your copy. It’s easy to say you're the best in the biz, but backing it up with hard facts and reviews will make a more profound impact on a potential customer.

Get Results With Hire a Writer

Look, it's easy enough to write generic SaaS website copy and call it a day. Implementing these tips means taking a critical approach to your overall content strategy. It’s not easy work, but it does provide results.

If you’re looking to jump a few steps, Hire a Writer is here to help. Our team of world-class copywriters can help jumpstart your website with copy that echoes your customer's needs and wants. We’ll work with you and your team to define your brand voice, develop a winning SEO strategy and much more. Reach out today to learn more about our services.

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