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Writing Tech Editorials: How to Tell Your Story

Writing Tech Editorials: How to Tell Your Story

Getting placement on large tech and business publications can be a big deal. Not only does it give you a chance to speak directly to an engaged audience, but a strategic backlink on a site with high domain authority can help your SEO standings. The trick is getting accepted.

Let’s take a look at writing editorials for top tech sites. While you won’t find any surefire ways to find success, these ideas should give you a leg up the next time you submit a piece.

Why it Matters

People flock to popular tech and business publications for their daily dose of industry-specific information. Keeping up with trends, emerging technologies and industry news is critical to staying relevant in quickly evolving spaces like tech and crypto.

Any company, startup or project looking to make an impact in these spaces needs to get in front of those readers — and submitting editorials to online publications is a way to do it.

Not only does it give you a chance to speak directly to an engaged audience, but you get to spread your message from a place of trust and authority. It’s also a numbers game. Publications like Forbes reach millions of readers each month.

Finding publications adjacent to your industry is a great way to focus on a segmented audience. You can easily find publications that speak directly to startups, millennial entrepreneurs, executive-level leadership and everything in between.

The trick to tapping into this audience is writing an editorial that blends subtle promotion, engaging ideas and audience-specific language into a single piece of content. It’s not the same as other copy-assignments like SEO blog posts or case studies. You’ll need to tap into a more journalistic tone. 

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Best Practices for Editorial Success

Most major tech and business publications carry some significant domain authority. In SEO terms, this means that placement on a website like this can help build your own digital presence. Unfortunately, getting your content on a site like TechCrunch isn’t as simple as a backlink post from an industry-related blog.

While the recipe for success will depend on which online publications you choose, some general guidelines can help you along the way.

Learn the Rules

If you’re targeting a top-20 media site, you need to tailor your approach. Each publication will have its own rules and guidelines for you to follow. Now, not everyone is openly accepting editorials. Finding a connection into this world is a whole different task. But, let’s just say you’ve got the relationship built and need to create your article.

Most of the time, these guidelines help mold guest content to better fit the readership. These online media giants have the right to be picky with what content they choose.

Finding out exactly who you are writing for can take you a long way in the eyes of the editorial board. They usually want relevant, entertaining and educational pieces that aren't obviously promotional. The guidelines typically reflect this requirement. Don’t try to break the mold. Stick to the script and you’ll have a better chance of getting your post accepted.

Find the Balance Between Promotional and Educational

Going from copywriter to journalist is no easy task. Not only do you need to pull back on the marketing strategy to tell a broader story, but you also have to temper the tendency to overpromote.

Publications aren't looking for advertorials. Your company needs mention, of course, but don’t pepper every other sentence with talk about your brand. If you can, take a 30,000 ft view of your business. What goals are you trying to achieve? How will they affect the broader industry, and moreover, what lessons can others learn from your company journey?

There is already enough controversy around native advertising. Give the readers something to chew on and think about after they finish. Challenge yourself to tell a different story. Keep some distance from your brand but always tie the piece back to your business in a subtle yet noticeable way.

Know Your Audience

Every popular publication has a specific readership. Moreover, some brands have further segmented their general audiences to drive more industry-focused pieces. Before you decide to pitch, make sure you understand the audience.

Some platforms target startups. Others focus on C-level executives or wealth advisors. Each audience is looking for something different. While the startup reader might look for ways to navigate critical growth stages in their business, an executive or entrepreneur might search for thought-leadership pieces on industry trends.

Whatever piece you decide to write, it needs to be in conversation with these readers. It can’t be a generic piece only about your brand; it needs to weave audience interests in with your story. 

Get It Right the First Try with Hire a Writer

Writing editorials for online tech publications isn’t always easy. If you’re searching for alternatives to the cycle of writing, getting rejected and re-writing, Hire a Writer can help. Our team of world-class writers has the experience and the know-how required to traverse the tricky process of writing editorials for your brand. Reach out today to learn more about our services.

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