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5 Ways to Showcase Workplace Culture on Social Media

5 Ways to Showcase Workplace Culture on Social Media

If you are looking for corporate buzzwords, you will not go far in your search without seeing something regarding company culture. The trend that started a few short years ago has accelerated through the pandemic and now it has become one of the biggest selling points for recruiters the world over. CEOs are now touting company culture and what was an afterthought 20 years ago has become a point of emphasis in the business world.

The shift in focus can be seen across most major social media platforms, yet most companies struggle with showing their true colors when it comes to workplace culture. So how can you provide a sneak peek into what makes your company unique?

Content Strategies To Help Promote Company Culture

The answer is not overly complicated, but it does require time and resources to do well. Here are five content strategies to help you highlight what makes working at your company so great.

Employee Testimonials

You might know your company better than anyone else, but let’s face it, you are biased. That is not meant as a slight, but anything you share about how great your company is will be seen through that filter. Employee testimonials can be a great way to showcase your biggest assets.

The challenge when leveraging testimonials for your business is to allow the employee the freedom to describe in their own words what they experience on a daily basis, free of criticism. That last part is the most important aspect of the equation. If every testimonial sounds like a Jim Jones approved message, you run the risk of sounding like a fraud and the entire strategy becomes an exercise in futility.

Use Employee Generated Content

This next tip might cause a little discomfort for some employers. Cancel culture is a real problem in today’s world, but tapping into employee-generated content and sharing from your company’s pages can be an amazing catalyst for showing workplace culture.

Don’t feel like sharing it from your company’s page, simply ask your employees to tag the business in the post. Both methods generate buzz and can help shine a positive light on your business. Not only does it show that you are not a micromanager, but it also highlights the fact that employees are not mindless drones that sit in their cubicles all day every day.

Celebrate Accomplishments

This one might seem like a no-brainer, but far too many companies fail to celebrate employee accomplishments. People like to be recognized for their contributions, especially millennials, and taking the time to share on social media a job well done is a hallmark of companies that have an awesome workplace culture.

When showing employee recognition, it can be easy to showcase customer-facing employees. Don’t forget about those that work in the background to keep the company running. Yes, it might be more exciting to celebrate the sales rep that just closed a massive deal, but those behind the scenes are important cogs in your operation and deserve time in the limelight.

Engage With Comments on Social Media

When was the last time that you actively engaged with those in the comments section of your social media posts? For most, it is a passing thought, a simple thumbs-up, and then move on with your day. Taking the time to respond to someone that shows interest in your company shows that you care. It really is that simple.

That being said, it cannot just be responses to positive comments. Business isn’t always sunshine and rainbows, and eventually, every company will have negative comments. Don’t avoid these. They are not the plague and the likelihood that they will torpedo your business is minimal. Be professional, but acknowledge that person’s perspective and use it as a way to grow and improve your business.

Avoid Stock Photos

If you can avoid it, resist the urge to use stock photography. You have a smartphone, they take great pictures. Even if you operate with a remote team, there are still opportunities to capture moments. A virtual happy hour, a team-building workshop, a morning sales huddle, the list goes on and on.

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Highlighting Workplace Culture

When it comes to highlighting workplace culture on social media, a little effort goes a long way. Those that do it best, will use a healthy combination of the content strategies described above. The truth is that the demand for better working environments and improvements to workplace culture is not going anywhere anytime soon. Lean into it, peel back the curtain, and show them what an amazing workplace looks like.
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