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Defining 10x Content

Defining 10x Content

What exactly is 10x Content? 10x Content is essentially content that surpasses the next best resource by a factor of ten in terms of quality and value.

The core advantage of producing 10x Content is its increased likelihood of securing top rankings on Google for targeted keywords.

Additionally, it tends to attract more social media shares and backlinks compared to content that doesn't measure up to the already published material.

Skyscraper Technique (Backlinko)

Back in 2013, the Skyscraper Technique was unveiled on the Backlinko blog.

Backlinko’s Introduction of the Skyscraper Technique – 2013 This methodology is centered on link building and achieving the premier spot on search engine results for specific keywords.

The process involves identifying a well-performing article, crafting a superior version, and then notifying those who have linked to the original piece about your enhanced version.

Moz’s founder Rand Fishkin introduced the notion of “10x Content.” It follows a parallel strategy.

Unlike the Skyscraper Technique, 10x Content isn't confined to written pieces. It could manifest as a YouTube video, social media update, infographic, podcast, or any other form of published content.

Also, it doesn't always require email outreach for building links.

The Efficacy of 10x Content

Content marketing is incredibly saturated and competitive. TubeFilter reports that 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, and that's only a slice of the content pie. Virtually every topic or SEO keyword imaginable is covered by a plethora of content, much of which is quite compelling.

Content that ranks well on Google typically has backlinks and is hosted on a reputable site. Hence, just marginally better content won't cut it; you must aim for a tenfold superior creation to outshine the rest.

Best Practices for 10x Content

Here's how to create 10x content.

Step One: Identify Successful Content

Begin by pinpointing the content you aim to outrank.

It's essential to understand the landscape before trying to produce something significantly superior.

Without this knowledge, surpassing the benchmark content becomes significantly more challenging.

Here’s how to pinpoint the content to outdo:

Perform keyword research to select your targets.

If SEO isn't your primary focus, you can use tools like BuzzSumo to find highly shared content. Search these keywords on Google and analyze the first-page results.

Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of these top contenders. Note commonalities, unique angles, and potential areas for enhancement. If no room for improvement is found, switch keywords and repeat the process.

For instance, a Google search for “OMAD diet” might reveal surface-level content, signaling an opportunity for a comprehensive guide to dominate the keyword.

Step Two: Craft a Superior Version

Strive to elevate your content's quality on multiple fronts.

Pro Tip: The more exceptional your content, the less likely it will be surpassed by future competitors, so aim beyond 10x when possible.

Strategies to produce 10x Content include:

Enhancing depth through extensive research, expert interviews, and presenting multiple perspectives. Updating content to reflect the latest information and trends. Improving design to enhance readability and engagement.

Optimizing for RankBrain Creating 10x Content isn't solely for SEO, but given its impact on Google rankings, it warrants attention to SEO optimization, especially for RankBrain which focuses on user experience.

To maintain top rankings, optimize for:

Click-through rates.

Dwell time on your page.

Search intent match, to minimize bounce rates and pogo-sticking.

Your content should not only be excellent but also align with what users anticipate when searching for your target keywords.

Characteristics of 10x Content

According to Rand Fishkin, 10x Content should:

  • Be superbly designed.
  • Exude high quality, reliability, and utility.
  • Differ significantly in scope and detail from competitors.
  • Evoke an emotional reaction.
  • Solve problems or answer questions comprehensively.
  • Be utterly unique and remarkable.

For those new to content marketing, this checklist should become a guiding principle for content creation.

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