January 17, 2023

Amy Williams

Amy Williams is a copyeditor and content producer.

Writing Copy People Care About

Think about the last time you did the research for a potential purchase. Let’s say you needed a new washing machine or vacuum cleaner and were looking into different brands. The options are neverending, right? So you did some digging to find out which product fits your needs.

When you were doing your research, which did you search for: how the product would fix your problem or the history of the company? I can guarantee you wanted to know which product would fix your problem in the most effective, efficient, and affordable way. 

When I create copy for a business, two of the questions I encourage the business owner to answer are who is your target audience and what problem are you solving? We’ve all got problems (bad copy is only one of them..) and whether you’re creating content for your own business or writing it for someone else, you’re trying to sell a solution. 

A good copywriter can figure out why someone needs to purchase a new vacuum cleaner and write copy that makes someone want to buy a vacuum cleaner. A great copywriter can figure out what void that person is trying to fill by vacuuming so frequently and write in a way that not only makes them want to purchase a vacuum but also makes them feel like you truly understand what they want out of life. But that’s a different conversation.

When you’re creating copy for your business, the best advice I could give you is to stop talking about yourself. 

I know, I know. It’s hard not to talk about ourselves. You’re a business owner or a content creator because you believe in the work you do. You believe in your team. You believe in your product. And the values and experience you have do matter. But if you want to convert the people visiting your site into customers or clients, you have to stop talking about yourself and start talking about them.

When someone comes to your website looking for information, they want to know:

  • Are you able to fix my problem?
  • How quickly can you fix my problem?
  • What’s the process for getting started?

In a world of information overload and shrinking attention spans, people want simple, fast, and effective. They don’t want to read three pages about the distant relative who originally started your business. They want to know how they fit into the story. 

Writing Copy People Care About

Many people think copywriting is just coming up with clever and catchy headlines. That’s sometimes part of it. But writing copy people care about is more than just coming up with clever puns. Here are a few simple tips for writing better copy:

Do the research

Instead of diving in with an assumption about the audience, take the time to understand who the target audience is. What matters to them? What are other businesses in the same industry doing to attract customers? Great copy starts with thorough research.

Identify the problem and how you can solve it

Once you know who the target audience is, identify what problem you’re going to solve for them. If you’re a plumbing company with a target audience of working professionals, then show how you can solve the problem in a way that’s unique to them. You’ll not only fix their plumbing issues (any plumber can do that!), but you’ll also work around their schedule, let them schedule an appointment online, or provide after-hours service so they don’t have to take off work to let you into their home.

Make the process clear and simple

Depending on the service you’re offering, it can be helpful to lay out what the process looks like for a customer or client to hire you. You don’t want them second-guessing because they’re not sure how long it will take or what they have to do to get started, which leads us to our last point.

Provide a clear call to action

If you don’t have a CTA on your website, you’re losing business to someone who does. When someone visits your website, it may be the first and only time they do. You’re more likely to gain their business with a clear call to action.

Stories are a powerful way to influence others. But instead of telling the story of your business, you have to figure out how you fit into the story of a potential customer or client. The first step to writing better copy is to stop talking about yourself.




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