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Threads Launches Initial Testing of Keyword Search Feature

Threads Launches Initial Testing of Keyword Search Feature

The Threads app by Meta is introducing a significant new feature, as the Threads team begins testing keyword search functionality with users in Australia and New Zealand this week.

Threads Keyword Search

This latest addition enables users to perform keyword searches within Threads, displaying all posts that mention their selected terms. This feature expands search capabilities beyond the current results, which only include relevant usernames.

This update is a crucial step, aligning Threads with the user interface standards of most social apps.

Threads initially launched early to cater to the demand for a Twitter alternative, particularly in response to Elon Musk's involvement in the Twitter platform. While Threads serves as a basic alternative for now, it does lack some essential elements.

One notable absence is API accessibility, which would allow for features like post scheduling. Additionally, Threads recently introduced its web app, but it remains unavailable in the European Union, with prospects of availability in the region being uncertain.

Threads is Still Evolving

Functionally, Threads may not have reached its full potential yet, as many users have pointed out. However, the Threads team believed that their window of opportunity to launch a competitive app might be closing, prompting them to release an initial version and gradually enhance it.

The question remains: Was this an appropriate decision?

Recent reports from third-party analytics providers indicate a decline in Threads usage in recent weeks, and downloads have slowed after its initial surge to 100 million members. Launching with limited functionality may have posed the risk of disappointing potential users with an initial sub-par experience.

Threads vs. X

Despite these challenges, Threads has demonstrated demand for a viable alternative to Twitter/X, with 100 million initial sign-ups. Meta, with its extensive resources and experience, is well-positioned to develop and refine such an app.

The key now is to ensure users keep returning to the app. First impressions matter, and it is hoped that Threads' early iterations have not deterred users as it continues to improve its offerings.

Personally, some users find Threads useful, with lively discussions, but it still lags behind other apps in terms of features and content. It may simply be a matter of time, and the hope is that launching early will not hinder Threads' potential growth in the future.

Threads' keyword search feature is initially rolling out to users in Australia and New Zealand, with further expansion planned in the near future.

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