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What Can You Do as a Creative Writer?

What Can You Do as a Creative Writer?

Usually, when people hear about creative writers, they think of poets and novelists, but there are actually a lot of careers for those who excel in creative writing. Let’s take a look at what you can do as a creative writer!

Creative Writing: The Official Definition

According to Google’s English Dictionary, creative writing is defined as:

writing, typically fiction or poetry, which displays imagination or invention

The two words that jump out to me here are imagination and invention. Unlike other forms of writing that involve simply stating the facts and remaining 100% objective, creative writing allows for emotion, personality, and ideas that aren’t necessarily based on reality.

That being said, why is it that the first things people consider creative are fiction and poetry? I don’t think we can confine creativity to just these two areas. In fact, it’s ironic that a field dedicated to creativity can be shoved into such a little box. 

That’s why I think it’s necessary to understand all of the others paths creative writers take. 


Creative Writing in Action

Creative writers can go on to pursue so many different career paths, but a lot of times, people aren’t aware of all the options. 

For instance, let’s consider some of the professions below:

Social Media Manager 

Some creative writers will decide to go on to work in business. For instance, a Social Media Manager might work for a marketing agency, an e-commerce company, a healthcare company – any industry really – and get the chance to let the creative juices flow. By creating short and engaging social posts and following effective social media writing techniques, a creative writer can reach a broad audience and relay important information in a fun way. 


Not every creative writer focuses solely on writing. Some choose to go into the field of editing. Whether that’s editing for a book, newspaper, or journal, a creative editor is a huge asset to a company because they have experience with the craft of writing. Maybe they have an MFA with a focus on English literature. Who knows? The point is that a creative writer brings a whole new perspective to editing.


Tons of creative writers go into blogging either on their own or for a company. Travel bloggers are definitely becoming more popular today - describing different cultures, landscapes, and activities for all types of readers. When someone is looking to plan their next trip, they’ll likely turn to some creative reviews on a travel blog to make their decision.


Not all journalists cover politics and ‘hard news’. There are so many journalists that opt to specialize in lifestyle pieces, which certainly requires strong creative writing skills. Even sports and fashion journalists, though reporting on facts, get to express their opinions about these topics in a way that is similar to writing a book.


The name of the author printed on your favorite book doesn’t necessarily reflect who wrote it. Ghostwriting is a huge industry because there are so many people who dream of writing a book but don’t necessarily have the writing skills to do so. A ghostwriter might consult with the ‘author’ to discuss their vision for the piece, and then use extensive creative writing knowledge to execute the project successfully.


A lot of truly amazing writers end up spending their days teaching others how to hone the craft. That doesn’t mean they gave up on their own writing, but rather that they chose to pursue their passion as more of a side job or hobby while making their living instructing. As an adjunct professor myself, I understand the thrill of getting to show new students why a specific field is awesome and even going on to mentor them in their own research. 


Copywriting can span a range of styles, from technical, academic, journalistic, and creative. While the creative writer might have to adapt to different styles in this career path, that doesn’t mean they’re not using their skills. Maybe some days they spend hours working on more technical ebooks or whitepapers, but a lot of copywriters live for the chance to produce that perfect line for an advertisement, email, or some other medium. 

Creative Writing is Everywhere

I think sometimes people assume that creative writing is more of a hobby. I’ve even had my own parents tell me that you can’t make a living as a creative writer, but in today’s day and age, that’s just not true. Whether you’re a creative writer yourself or you just appreciate the art, take the time to notice all the places creative writing pops up in your life. 

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