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Unlikely Sources of Inspiration

Unlikely Sources of Inspiration

There are days when I sit at my computer and feel completely unmotivated to write anything. Drumming up inspiration can feel like a mountain of a task. The creativity has been sucked from my body and I’ve not got an ounce of anything interesting to say. The sound of clacking keys on my keyboard makes me want to hurl. 

Dramatic? Absolutely. 

You get my drift. We’ve all been there.

But as a writer, I don’t have the option of not writing because I don’t feel like it or because I’m uninspired. Writing literally pays the bills around here. My employer depends on me putting my fingers on the keys and creating content that will help drive business.

So what do I do when I get stuck and feel uninspired? Here are a few of my favorite unlikely sources of inspiration: 

Talk it Out

Reach out to a parent, friend, grandparent, spouse, or another person whom you trust. Ask them if they have anything to comment on about the topic you’re writing about. Grandpa Bob may have more opinions about it than you might have guessed.

If anything, these conversations serve as a great launching point for ideas that might be worth pursuing.

Move Your Body

Get up and get the oxygen flowing. Seriously–it’s way better than sitting at your desk crying on the inside (maybe the outside, too). If your inner monologue is droning on about how you’re getting nowhere and that you’re a terrible writer… It's time to put on your trainers and head out the door.

Moving your body not only feels good, but it gives your brain a boost of serotonin and oxygen–two critical things needed to make the creative wheels turn. Also, a change in your surroundings can give you a spark of inspiration that can life-flight you out of a funk. 

Try Freewriting

Freewriting is a pretty literal term–you write freely, without stopping, with nary a care for grammar or punctuation. Why? Because even if it sounds ridiculous, makes no sense, and starts to tread in an entirely different direction, you’ll have words on the page. That's half the battle.

These words may be completely “useless” to your writing, but they’ll start to turn the creativity crank. They may have even removed some of the extra chatter from your mind. This is my single most favorite way to beat feeling uninspired.

Do a Pinterest Search

Inspiration abounds when you open the gates of Pinterest.

Choose two or three points from your freewriting session to search and set a timer for 10 minutes. A quick review of the search results can help start the creative wheels.

Read Completely “Irrelevant” Material

Immerse yourself in a topic that feels irrelevant. And no, this isn’t me giving you permission to mindlessly scroll TikTok for ~iNsPiRaTiOn~. 

Rather than focusing on the content, look at how it is presented, the way the words make you feel (or not feel), and the structure of it. Dissect it! It can likely be replicated in a way that suits your audience. 

Getting Inspired

Writing can be intimidating and an incredibly daunting task. No matter which unlikely source of inspiration you find yourself gravitating toward, all that matters is that you keep trying. Continue to flex your writing muscle and keep an open mind for inspiration–you never know when or where it might strike.

If all else fails, and you’re still completely uninspired… step away from the keyboard. And contact Hire a Writer. We’re here to help.

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