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A robot reading a book in cubism style.

4 min read

How Linguistics and AI are Reshaping SEO and User Experience

The role of language and emotional intelligence in shaping user experiences has never been more critical. As tech giants like Google, Amazon, Apple,...

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A group of birds mid-flight in cubism style.

4 min read

The Importance of Non-HTML Assets in SEO Migrations

Regarding website migrations, most SEOs focus their attention on the HTML content. After all, search engines primarily use the text on the page to...

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Cubism-style image of detective looking for something.

3 min read

Unlock Your SEO Potential: SEO Taxonomy Essentials

Search engine optimization (SEO) taxonomy is vital when it comes to website visibility. It’s intricately involved in organizing and categorizing a...

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dwell time

2 min read

Dwell Time for SEO: Let's Boost User Engagement

One metric that plays a pivotal role in SEO and website performance is "dwell time." In this guide, we'll walk through dwell time, explaining what it...

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man at a computer cubism style

2 min read

The Role of UX and SEO

In the digital age, user experience (UX) and search engine optimization (SEO) are two critical components that play a vital role in a business's...

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