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3 Simple Ways To Scale Your Social Media Presence

3 Simple Ways To Scale Your Social Media Presence

In the business world, time IS money. It might sound cliche but it is a hard truth that business owners face when it comes to devoting resources to common backburner projects like social media strategy.

Even if they acknowledge the power of social media, scaling past the occasional post here and there is a challenge. In this blog, I have mentioned a number of times that like any marketing strategy, social media requires resources and an investment of time.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be a time suck. Taking a few proactive steps can help you streamline the entire process and open the door to wider audiences with relative ease.

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Social Media Content Creation

Content creation is frequently cited as one of the more challenging aspects of scaling your social media presence. In terms of a time investment, this is likely where you find the biggest slice of the pie.

Because of the time needed to create content, the best course of action is to schedule some time each week where it is your sole focus. Whether you are creating original content or finding relevant articles to share, blocking out 30 minutes to an hour each week will go a long way to helping you build a bank of content.

Additionally, taking this approach eliminates the need for you to come up with the content on the spot, ultimately saving you time throughout the week. When I work with clients, my strategy is to build content out two weeks in advance. This offers time for revisions, but more importantly, it means that I am never scrambling to get content up on a given day.

Scheduling Social Media Content

Scheduling posts ahead of time is one of the best ways to scale your social presence and it goes hand in hand with the content piece that was just mentioned. If you are able to schedule out all of your social media posts, across all networks in 15 minutes per week you create a consistent message without all of the additional leg work.

Whether you are using native scheduling tools like you would find in the Meta suite, or a third party, like Hootsuite or Sprout Social, the end goal is the same: generate ROI without wasting a ton of resources.

One of the biggest time savers with using scheduling platforms is the ability to cross-post your content to the various platforms that you are using. There is no need to copy and paste, dig for that image, or have to find that article again. It is truly a one-stop-shop that allows you to get your message out to your various audiences.

Fun fact: we sell social media content and engagement packages. Check it out here.

Data Management for Social Media

The days of throwing a dart blindfolded in marketing are long gone, it is a data-driven world and you either have to adapt or you quickly become obsolete. The faster you accept that data can tip the marketing scales in your favor, the sooner you will be able to scale your social presence.

That being said, with so much data available it can be hard to know when and where to begin. Consider the old “crawl before walk” adage. Start small with a few key data points and grow from there. One area that I always suggest to clients is to figure out when your audience is engaging with your content. If that is 5 PM, then post around 5 PM every day.

“I pick my kids up from daycare at that time.” To this, I simply say: look back to the point about scheduling. That's right, all of these connect with one another and help strengthen your ability to scale.

As your presence grows, incorporate new data points, test new platforms, and always use the breadcrumbs that your data provides to improve your messaging and timing.

The Time to Scale Social Media is…

Whether you believe that you can or cannot scale your social media presence you are right. That might sound strange, but the truth is that ANYONE can scale their social media with a little time and energy. The most important thing is consistency. Consistency with your message, how you deliver it, and when you are sending it out.

If you aren’t sure where to begin, or you feel that you need to start from scratch, the Hire a Writer team can help. Let our team show you the value in a scaled social media presence. Connect now.

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