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A Guide to Social Media Graphics: Screen Sizes

A Guide to Social Media Graphics: Screen Sizes

There are unique graphic requirements for each social media outlet and device. Your graphic designer (or you) will need to understand aspect ratios, such as the 16:9 widescreen for YouTube and the vertical 9:16 for TikTok, and how content is consumed on each platform.

Here’s a quick guide:

Website Optimization

  • For better indexing by Google, maintain a 16:9 aspect ratio.
  • Use plugins like Yoast Video SEO for structured data and thumbnails.
  • Ensure videos are responsive for an optimal viewing experience on all devices.

YouTube Video Dimensions

  • Standard videos use a 16:9 widescreen format, while YouTube Shorts use a 9:16 vertical format.
  • When shooting, center the focal point for easy cropping.
  • For vertical to widescreen adaptation, use creative pillarboxing with tools like Clipchamp and Adobe Premiere.

Facebook Graphic Dimensions

  • Facebook supports various aspect ratios from widescreen to vertical formats.
  • Test different formats for engagement, considering the addition of supporting text for silent video viewing.

Instagram Graphic Dimensions

  • Adapt videos to work in both the feed (4:5) and the full-screen (9:16) format.
  • For widescreen videos, implement letterboxing with text.
  • Ensure any added elements are within the core frame to avoid being cropped.

LinkedIn Optimization

  • Preferred formats are landscape widescreen 16:9 and square 1:1.
  • For vertical videos, ensure important content fits well when automatically pillarboxed.

TikTok Optimization

  • TikTok favors native 9:16 vertical videos.
  • Widescreen videos require significant adaptation and creative changes to perform well.

Best Practices for Social Media Graphics and Videos

  • Plan the content's format before shooting, considering the primary platform and potential secondary platforms.
  • Videos typically fall into two categories: filmic (16:9) for websites and YouTube, or mobile (9:16) for TikTok, YouTube shorts, and Instagram Stories.
  • When adapting content, either crop carefully or use graphical elements to maintain the video's integrity across different viewing contexts.

By following these detailed guidelines, you can ensure your video content is tailored effectively for each platform, enhancing engagement and maintaining quality regardless of where and how it's viewed.

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