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Telegram Marketing 101

Telegram Marketing 101

With 500 million active monthly users, Telegram is a budding digital platform ripe with business opportunities. This messaging powerhouse quickly rose to fame during the early stages of the COVID-19 Pandemic and has yet to slow down in growth. Users seem to flock to the platform to build tight-knight communities around causes, groups and, of course, businesses.

Developing a modern approach to digital messaging means leveraging all the tools at your disposal. If you haven’t explored Telegram, it’s about time you do — and we’re here to help you navigate this new virtual terrain.

What is Telegram?

Telegram is a free cross-platform messaging application. It provides users with access to:

  • Video chats
  • Text messaging
  • VoIP
  • File sharing
  • Much more

The platform has become a popular destination for tech startups far and wide to build community and engage with users. While other platforms like Discord are starting to nip into the community aspect of Telegram’s presence, it's still an excellent medium for building community around evolving tech sectors like cryptocurrency and blockchain.

The app is multiplatform, giving users access to the app regardless of which device they are using. You can even access Telegram through a web browser, making the only barrier to access a reliable internet connection.

Benefits of Telegram

While it might not have the same reach as social media juggernauts like Facebook, you can’t deny the appeal of Telegram for some users. The platform has quickly grown into the go-to meeting place for users looking to have more engaging interactions. Even when compared to similar platforms like WhatsApp, Telegram seems to improve on the simple idea of messaging software with a host of customizable features.

Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits of Telegram.

High Engagement

Telegram isn’t the same as Instagram, Snapchat or TikTok. It represents a different content medium. While Gen Z alluring features like GIFs and developer-friendly customization help the platform stand out, it’s still a mostly text-based communication channel. This means users can’t endlessly scroll without missing big parts of the conversation.

This might have an adverse effect on the sheer number of users, but it also means users who are part of your Telegram audience are more engaged. The high engagement makes your users more aware of your brand and its offerings.

No Limits for Group Size

Telegram groups have no size restrictions. Creating a large community around your brand is easier than other platforms like WhatsApp, with max group sizes that stop in the low hundreds of users. This significantly increases the networking opportunities of your channel.

When you make an announcement, it has a better chance of reaching a larger audience. Moreover, it means savvy community members can engage with other Telegram groups of larger size and bring in new faces. Some groups have user counts well into the millions!

Strengthen Your Social Media Messaging

Telegram is a great place to deliver curated content for loyal and engaged audiences. It can sit side-saddle to your overall social media campaign strategy as a group a bit further down in the sales funnel. If a user joins your Telegram group to keep up to date with your business, you can probably influence them to do even more for your team.

Telegram is where superusers can meet and collaborate. It’s where you can further empower and build a community around your brand. Moreover, you can further segment users by introducing Telegram Pods. These are smaller chats with the most engaged users. Pods can help drive engagement on other platforms like Instagram or Facebook by giving your users tasks to complete. This could mean liking a post or sharing an image.


The world is quickly becoming more security forward. Issues around digital privacy have pushed users away from other platforms. Take WhatsApp, for example. Telegram offers users a secure space to chat without the fear of compromised privacy.

Telegram also comes with extra security features like self-destructing messages and the option for secret chats. During these secret chats, conversations are end-to-end encrypted, adding to the robustness of the software.


Bots are accounts operated by software. While simple bots exist that can fill many roles in your group, like answering simple questions, Telegram allows the use of custom bots. This means that tech-savvy businesses with some coding experience can create bots that do all sorts of tasks inside the group:

  • Teaching
  • Setting reminders
  • Connecting users
  • Scheduling
  • Much more

Adding bots can help streamline the experience for users. Bots can handle tasks within the community instantly and without any downtime. This is great from a customer service perspective as users will always have access to the resources they need from your team.

Telegram Marketing Through Hire a Writer

Mastering your Telegram messaging can be deceptively complex. At the surface level, it seems like just another messaging app. But, being effective and engaging with your users requires quite a bit of strategy and quite a lot of impactful copy and content. On that front, Hire a Writer is here to help.

Our team of world-class copywriting experts can not only help you define your message but also craft it in a way to reach your audience, no matter if they’re on Telegram, Instagram or an email list. Reach out today to learn more about our services!

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