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Maximizing Your Landing Page's Hero Section

Maximizing Your Landing Page's Hero Section

To enhance your landing pages and boost ROAS (Return on Ad Spend), we've distilled essential insights from a successful B2B SaaS company's approach.

By integrating these tactics into your landing page's hero section, you can significantly increase your chances of achieving meaningful conversions and delivering a more impactful user experience.

Here are three standout features of a fictional B2B SaaS company's landing pages (and why you should consider implementing them on your landing pages):

Customer-Centric Copy

When visitors arrive at a webpage, they're often searching for solutions to their specific needs or problems. They may not have the patience to scroll past the hero section.

By focusing on the visitor and immediately addressing their pain points, desires, or aspirations, the copy creates a personalized and empathetic experience. This approach resonates deeply with the audience, making them feel understood and valued.

For example, the headline, "Stop Wasting Time Sorting Emails," immediately engages them by addressing their desire for the solution to a real and pesky problem.

The bullet points should be easily scannable and directly speak to business professionals eager to streamline their operations.

Then give an offer, such as: "Try it for 5 minutes," this fictional company presents its software as an immediate game-changer.

A landing page like this makes the visitor the main character, tapping into their interests and realtime needs.

Prominent Social Proof

Placing social proof in the hero section or above the fold is strategic. It's not "look how great we are." It's, "look how great these GREAT PEOPLE think we are."

It's one of the first elements a visitor sees and can swiftly influence their perception of the product or service.

Incorporating social proof in this prominent position signals that the offering has received praise and approval from others, reinforcing its worthiness as an investment.

Above the fold, you may add a mini social proof section featuring endorsements or vis. This simple and clever use of social proof in the hero section creates a compelling first impression, persuading visitors to explore further.


Curiosity-Driven Engagement

The hero section of a landing page should intrigue visitors by giving a glimpse of what's coming next.

When visitors initially land on a page, their attention span is limited, and they may quickly decide whether to stay or leave.

By using the hero section to provide a preview of the content below, the landing page arouses the audience's interest, motivating them to explore further.

Teasing the next section can be accomplished through compelling visuals, intriguing headlines, or a brief preview of the valuable content awaiting them.

For instance, you may be like, "But wait, there's more..." (a tease); or, "Let's unpack that" (a promise); or "What 3 things are you missing?" (a question).

By sparking curiosity and creating a sense of discovery, this tactic persuades visitors to linger on the page.

What to Experiment With

Experimentation is essential to achieving the best landing page conversion rates. With that in mind, here are some elements to consider testing on your B2B SaaS landing page:

Experimenting with the Hero Image

You might want to test different hero images to gauge the impact on user engagement and conversion rates.

Streamlining the Navigation Bar

Your landing page may have nav or not. You'll want to play with this feature to figure out what works for click through and conversion. 

Copy and CTAs

Different words work at different times. Play with phrasing and the text on buttons to see which gets more action.

Maximize the Hero Section and Watch Your LPs get BUSY

By incorporating these key takeaways, you can optimize your B2B SaaS landing pages and achieve better results!

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