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Writing Prompts to Ignite Your Creativity

Writing Prompts to Ignite Your Creativity

It's time for some fresh inspo.

Creative Writing Prompts

We collected some of our team's favorite writing prompts.

Follow along and read to the end for some tips on creative writing!

Find Acceptance

Write a story about a character who is on a journey to find acceptance, whether from others or within themselves. Explore the struggles and triumphs they face along the way.


Start your story with a character in deep despair. Show how they navigate their darkest moments and what paths they take to find hope.


Center your story around a character who is bargaining for something crucial. Whether it's a second chance, a loved one, or their own future, delve into the emotional and dramatic aspects of their negotiations.


Write a story that revolves around anger. This could be a character's internal struggle with their own rage or an external conflict fueled by anger. Examine the consequences and resolutions that arise from this powerful emotion.


Create a story about a character who is in denial about a significant aspect of their life. How does their denial affect their actions and relationships, and what events force them to confront reality?

Gossip Column

Write a story in the format of a gossip column. Highlight the rumors, secrets, and societal observations that make this style engaging.

Dance Conversation

Craft a story where an important conversation takes place during a dance. Use the setting to enhance the dialogue and reveal character dynamics.

Mortal Enemies to Allies

Develop a story about two characters who start as mortal enemies but learn to embrace their differences. Explore the journey from animosity to understanding and cooperation.


Set your story around a rumor that begins to spread. Your protagonist can either be the subject of the rumor or the one who starts it. Investigate the impact of gossip on their lives and community.

Regency Fair

Imagine your story taking place at a Regency-themed fair. Capture the elegance, charm, and peculiarities of the period, weaving in historical details and character interactions.

Pause Time

Write about a character who has the ability to pause the passage of time. Explore how they use this power and the implications it has on their life and the lives of those around them.

"I Wish We Could Stay Here Forever"

Incorporate the line, "I wish we could stay here forever," into your story. Use it to highlight a moment of longing, contentment, or a turning point for your characters.

Canceling Plans

Begin your story with a character canceling their plans. Uncover the reasons behind their decision and what unfolds as a result.

A Few Minutes

Set your story over the course of a few minutes. Restrict the narrative to this brief timespan, focusing intensely on the details and emotions of the moment.

Slow Down

Write about a highly-strung character learning to slow down or someone pursuing a quieter way of life. Show the transformative process and the challenges they face.

"Be Careful What You Wish For"

Create a story that includes someone saying, “Be careful what you wish for.” Use this phrase to foreshadow events or highlight the theme of unintended consequences.

Obsession or Addiction

Make a character’s obsession or addiction a central element of your story. Delve into how it shapes their actions, relationships, and the narrative's progression.


Write a story in which one of the characters is a narcissist. Explore their behavior and its effects on those around them, providing insights into their psyche.

Struggle to Do Right

Focus on a character who struggles to do the right thing. Examine the moral dilemmas they face and the internal and external conflicts that arise.

Being Followed

Start your story with a character being followed. Build suspense and develop the reasons and revelations behind this pursuit.

These prompts are designed to spark your creativity and help you develop compelling stories. Dive into one or more of these scenarios, and let your imagination take the lead.

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