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Beyond the Blog: 3 Types of B2B Content

Beyond the Blog: 3 Types of B2B Content

According to Salesforce, B2B (business-to-business) marketing is the technique businesses use to generate leads from other companies.  Therefore, B2B marketing includes all marketing strategies that target another business or organization rather than consumers. The types of content produced and distributed will differ because B2B marketing targets a different audience than B2C.

We understand the complexities of developing a solid B2B content marketing strategy at Hire a Writer because that’s a core component of our business strategy. Rather than guarding our knowledge and expertise, we aim to help other businesses succeed in their B2B content marketing strategy. This blog post covers three of the best types of B2B content to elevate your content marketing strategy beyond basic blog posts.

1. Whitepapers

B2B marketers often use whitepapers to build authority by promoting a brand backed by research. When writing a whitepaper, it’s essential to focus on the goal of the content. 

At a high level, there are three types of whitepapers: problem-solution, listicle, and product backgrounder. However, within each category, there are also different ways to frame the whitepapers. Search Engine Journal offers examples of 10 ideas for whitepapers, including those based on surveys and guides written by C-suite executives. 

No matter the intent, all whitepapers should include a call to action. Whether the goal is to encourage users to watch a video, sign up for a service, fill out an application, or download additional content, the CTA ultimately drives prospective customers to purchase. A 2018 report by B2B Marketing Benchmarks revealed that 71% of firms rate whitepapers as one of the top four adequate marketing collateral.

2. Case Studies

A compelling case study serves as a core tactic in generating leads. According to Hubspot, a case study is “a detailed story of something your company did…often discussing a conflict, an explanation of what happened next, and a resolution that explains how the company solved or improved on something.”

Following a proven template for your B2B case study is a great way to start. The key parts of a compelling case study include sections that introduce the problem, provide examples, present data, and tell a story.

Content Marketing Institute reported that 73% of the most successful content marketers leveraged case studies for content marketing in 2021. 

Case studies are effective because they build credibility and trust. Focusing on how your business solved a problem from start to finish allows prospective customers to understand better what to expect from your product or service. Essentially, you’re providing proof to back up your brand’s claims.

3. Email Campaigns

In one of our previous blog posts on B2B marketing strategies, we covered the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns. Specifically, for B2B marketing, email campaigns have a 23% higher open rate than B2C email campaigns. In addition, 79% of B2B marketers consider email marketing the most effective channel for relaying the brand’s message. 

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Email marketing has recently transformed, with a greater emphasis on strategically designing email campaigns. Gone are the days of mass sending a newsletter to all your prospects. Instead, it’s important to profile your target audience and curate content towards their needs at each step of the buying journey. Identifying high-performing content and A/B testing different messages from an email series helps email marketing campaigns deliver $36 ROI for every $1 spent.

Develop a Comprehensive B2B Content Strategy

This post highlighted three additional types of B2B content that can effectively relay your brand’s message. According to recent reports, whitepapers, case studies, and email campaigns are among the most effective B2B marketing channels. Therefore, when it comes to B2B marketing, sometimes you must go beyond the blog. 

Contact Hire a Writer today to connect with a team that can develop a comprehensive B2B marketing plan.

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