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Explore the Social Media Alternate Universe (SMAU)

Explore the Social Media Alternate Universe (SMAU)

A captivating and innovative creator subgenre has emerged - the Social Media Alternate Universe (SMAU).

Blurring the lines between fiction and reality, SMAUs have taken the digital storytelling sphere by storm.

These narratives unfold through the simulated interactions of characters on fake social media platforms, offering readers a unique and immersive experience that goes beyond traditional storytelling formats.

The Birth of a New Genre

SMAUs, also known as "Social Media AUs," found their roots in the realm of fan fiction, where avid fans of various media properties engage in creative reinterpretations of their favorite stories. Unlike conventional fan fiction that often relies on traditional narrative structures, SMAUs leverage the dynamics of social media platforms to create intricate, character-driven tales.

20 Examples of SMAUs and Their Descriptions

In case you need examples, we've got 'em.


In this SMAU set in the wizarding world, characters from the Harry Potter series interact on a magical version of Twitter, casting spells with their tweets and engaging in humorous magical mishaps.


Characters from a space-themed TV show share their adventures, conflicts, and bonding moments through social media posts, building a comprehensive universe beyond the show's episodes.


Fans of historical romance novels create SMAUs where characters from Regency-era novels navigate societal norms and witty banter on Instagram.


Iconic superheroes and villains engage in epic battles through tweets and direct messages, giving fans a fresh perspective on their favorite comic book universes.


SMAUs set in the world of musical theater see characters from different shows exchanging notes, auditioning for roles, and forming unique collaborations.


Beloved fairy tale characters join Instagram to showcase their enchanting lives, from Cinderella's glass slipper selfies to Snow White's daily apple snacks.


Characters from different historical eras come alive on Twitter, discussing events and sharing insights that bridge centuries.



In a mystery-themed SMAU, detectives and suspects interact via social media, allowing readers to engage in solving crimes alongside the characters.


Gods and mythical creatures from various mythologies create dating profiles, leading to unexpected and humorous interactions.


Aliens, time travelers, and humans from science fiction stories converge on a futuristic version of Facebook, sharing their unique perspectives.


Characters from pirate-themed tales embark on virtual adventures, navigating treacherous waters of virtual piracy and camaraderie.


SMAUs set in school environments see characters navigating academic and social challenges, reminiscent of classic teen dramas.


Fairy tale villains form alliances on social media platforms, plotting mischievous schemes that extend beyond their original stories.


Beloved anime characters interact in SMAUs, discussing their adventures, debating favorite genres, and creating crossover events.


Mythological beings from different cultures engage in a shared virtual space, debating their legends' accuracy and connecting across pantheons.


SMAUs featuring Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson unfold as virtual crime-solving escapades, complete with witty deductions and puzzles.


Creatures of the night, including vampires, werewolves, and witches, share their experiences and seek alliances on social media.


Characters from reality TV shows engage in post-show discussions, revealing unseen dynamics and their true thoughts on events.


Real-life celebrities and fictional characters interact on Twitter, blurring the boundaries between fiction and reality.


Paranormal investigators and ghosts interact through status updates and messages, bringing spooky tales to life on social media.

SMAUs: Unlocking New Dimensions of Fan Interaction

SMAUs offer readers a chance to delve deeper into the lives of their favorite characters and explore uncharted narrative territories. By harnessing the immersive power of social media, these stories create a sense of intimacy and relatability, enabling fans to engage with characters in ways that traditional media cannot provide.

As SMAUs continue to evolve and gain popularity, they highlight the creative possibilities inherent in digital platforms. Through this innovative genre, fans not only connect with the characters they love but also actively contribute to shaping their stories in ways that breathe fresh life into familiar narratives.

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