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LinkedIn Changes Newsletter UI and Adds Multi-Newsletter Hosting Feature

LinkedIn Changes Newsletter UI and Adds Multi-Newsletter Hosting Feature

LinkedIn is bolstering its newsletter creation capabilities, responding to the increasing number of members signing up for newsletters within the app.

This move allows for a direct and seamless connection with the platform's expanding user base.

To begin with, LinkedIn is unveiling a revamped process for editing and publishing newsletters, enhancing the existing creation flow.

LinkedIn's Redesigned Article Editor

According to LinkedIn:

"The redesigned article editor is intentionally crafted to offer a smooth and reliable experience, enabling you to fully concentrate on sharing your insights and expertise. Formatting, layout, and incorporating a variety of images, videos, links, and more are now simpler than ever."

LinkedIn Newsletters

LinkedIn acknowledges that many users have voiced concerns about the current newsletter creation process, deeming it cumbersome and outdated. In response, LinkedIn has reimagined the user interface (UI) and introduced several functional updates to streamline the presentation of newsletters according to individual preferences.

"You can save your ongoing articles as drafts to gather a second opinion and collect feedback from others before publication. Customization options allow you to schedule articles for release when your community is most active and include an SEO title and description for greater reach."

New Newsletter Creation Flow on LinkedIn

While none of these features are entirely novel, their integration into the newsletter creation flow enhances customization and content optimization.

LinkedIn is also introducing the ability to host multiple newsletters within the app, expanding users' outreach potential.

"Any member or Company through Pages can now manage up to five newsletters in one location, each focusing on distinct topics, designs, and posting frequencies. This approach enhances relevance and engagement."

This feature could be particularly beneficial for brands covering various niches or offering products in different markets. For instance, tailoring regional versions of newsletters could amplify resonance within specific audiences.


LinkedIn Auto Follow for Newsletter Subscribers

In addition, LinkedIn is introducing auto-follow for newsletter subscribers. When a new subscriber joins a newsletter, they will automatically follow the author's regular LinkedIn updates.

While this approach might not align perfectly with users' intent, as newsletter subscribers may not necessarily want to follow all updates from a particular member, it could assist in expanding one's LinkedIn audience and leveraging extended notifications to drive engagement.

LinkedIn Newsletter Growth

It's worth noting that LinkedIn's newsletters have experienced significant growth, especially as users transitioning from other platforms have focused on building their LinkedIn presence. Recent reports reveal a 41% year-over-year increase in sharing original content on LinkedIn in 2022. The platform itself has consistently reported "record levels" of engagement.

Regarding newsletters specifically, LinkedIn claims to have facilitated over 365 million total newsletter subscriptions. Over the past year, newsletter readership has tripled, with more than 1.3 million daily readers within the app.

These statistics underscore the considerable potential of newsletters and suggest they could be a valuable addition to your outreach efforts, depending on your target audience.

LinkedIn has announced that its updated newsletter features will be gradually rolled out to all users in the coming month.

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