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Top 10 Tools for Social Media Monitoring in 2023

Top 10 Tools for Social Media Monitoring in 2023

Brands are constantly under the social media microscope. Whether you're directly tagged or not, conversations about your brand persist. 

However, manual tracking can be an overwhelming task. This is where social media monitoring tools step in, offering insights to refine your brand strategy.

Social Media Monitoring - Here Are Your Options

Here are a bunch of options for analytics and other social media and media monitoring capabilities.

  • Talkwalker

    • Features: Monitors social media, TV, radio, and print. Recognizes brand images in posts without direct mentions.
    • Price: $9,000/year
    • Pros: Comprehensive analytics, multi-platform tracking, image recognition.
    • Cons: Limited historic data (13 months), print media monitoring in multiple languages problematic.
  • Keyhole

    • Features: Legacy tool, tracks hashtags, mentions, and more across platforms.
    • Price: $49/month
    • Pros: Comprehensive audience insights, multi-channel monitoring, real-time hashtag analytics.
    • Cons: Premium plans exclude some key features.
  • Sprout Social

    • Features: Social media management with smart inbox for cross-platform tracking.
    • Price: $99/month
    • Pros: Multi-profile tracking, audience insights, post scheduling.
    • Cons: No single-platform premium plans, limited dashboard insights.
  • Hootsuite

    • Features: Long-established tool, tracks brand-related conversations and metrics.
    • Price: $49/month
    • Pros: Multi-platform monitoring, consolidated post scheduling, easy sharing of metrics.
    • Cons: Premium plans might be costly for small-scale users.
  • TrackMyHashtag

    • Features: AI-powered, focuses on Twitter events, hashtags, handles, and keywords.
    • Price: $49/month; historical data varies by volume.
    • Pros: Real-time Twitter trends, intuitive dashboard, historical data access.
    • Cons: Limited to Twitter.
  • Mentionlytics

    • Features: Track brand mentions across social media, blogs, and news.
    • Price: $99/month
    • Pros: Multi-channel tracking, monitors web sources for brand mentions.
    • Cons: Missing essential features, interface not user-friendly.
  • TweetBinder

    • Features: Hashtag analytics for Twitter.
    • Price: $500/year
    • Pros: Real-time tracking, access to historical Twitter data.
    • Cons: Interface challenges, limited to past 30 days' analytics.
  • Brand24

    • Features: Monitors posts on multiple platforms and tracks web sources.
    • Price: $49/month
    • Pros: Comprehensive tracking, real-time insights, sentiment analysis.
    • Cons: Steep learning curve, limited keyword tracking.
  • Mention

    • Features: Monitors brand mentions and tracks them across the web.
    • Price: $29/month
    • Pros: Comprehensive tracking, competitor analysis, trend identification.
    • Cons: User experience glitches, limited post-scheduling, sporadic customer support.
  • Sendible

  • Features: CRM for managing multiple social media accounts.
  • Price: $29/month
  • Pros: User-friendly, multi-account management, web source tracking.
  • Cons: Limited image format support.

Benefits of Social Media Monitoring Tools

Engage in real-time, evaluate strategy impacts, understand audience dynamics, leverage reviews, spy on competitors, predict trends, and collaborate with influencers.

Listening, tracking, and analyzing empower your brand in this dynamic digital age. Are you leveraging this power yet?

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