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Cultivating Organic Marketing in a Video-Centric Era

Cultivating Organic Marketing in a Video-Centric Era

The landscape of direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands is ever-evolving. There's no way to get around it. A transformation is going on, and you need to adapt to survive. Thankfully, you've got this article to kickstart some ideas. 

Capital scarcity, social media saturation, and soaring customer acquisition costs drive DTC companies to explore innovative avenues for reviving organic marketing. 

This article delves into the essential components—Content, Consumers, Creators, and Celebrities—that form the foundation of manufacturing organic marketing in 2023. Let's jump into it.

Content: Riding the Video wave

Once upon a time, colorful ads ruled, but not anymore. Now, videos are king, especially on places like Instagram Reels and TikTok. Brands must jump on the video bandwagon fast, making cool videos to grab people's attention.

Being authentic is essential. People like videos that aren't too perfect—ones that feel genuine. Consider Bobbi Brown's video where she responded to a beauty influencer's mistake—that real moment connected with people. Or when Milkbar shared at-home recipes during the pandemic, showing they could adapt. And who can forget Chipotle's fun challenges on TikTok? 

All of these have one thing in common: they got people talking.

To stay cool, brands need to keep in the loop. They should try out new things and go with the trending flow. It's like a dance—keeping up with what's happening now while staying true to yourself. Trying new stuff is the secret sauce for making a lasting impression.

In this world of videos, it's not just about being there. It's about being honest, telling exciting stories, and conversing with the people watching. That's the magic formula for brands to watch and be a part of the show.

Consumers: Cultivate Brand Evangelists

Great brands have something special—they naturally attract super-fans who love them. These fans, called brand evangelists, are so excited that they create their content, like videos or posts, just because they love the brand. Brands can encourage this by starting challenges with cool hashtags. 

It's like inviting fans to join a fun club where they can show their love.

Take the #ChipotleLidFlipChallenge, for instance. It kicked off a frenzy with over 100,000 videos in just six days on TikTok. People didn't just watch; they joined in. It wasn't just about showing off; it was about being a part of something fun. This wasn't just good for TikTok—it got people talking about Chipotle, and soon, orders started pouring in.

But it doesn't stop on social media. The excitement fans create has a ripple effect. It goes beyond likes and shares—it becomes a powerful tool for spreading the word.

Seeing others genuinely loving a brand builds trust, turning regular customers into a buzzing community of brand advocates. It's not just a fan club; it's a fan-fueled movement.

Creators: Power-Up with Social Media Influencers

Right now, social media stars and creators are like online superheroes. They have a significant impact on what people like and follow. 

Teaming up with these internet heroes lets brands boost their content and get noticed by even more people. But the secret sauce is picking creators whose style and values match the brand's vibe.

Think of it like having a favorite DJ play your favorite song at a party. It gets everyone dancing and having a good time. It's like hitting the perfect party playlist when brands team up with the right creators. 

It's not just about getting more views; it's about getting the right kind of attention from the right crowd.

In this digital dance, brands need to find influencers who groove to their beat—the ones who bring eyeballs and share the same values. It's not just a collaboration; it's a partnership that clicks, making the brand shine in the digital spotlight.

Celebrities: Power Players in the Digital Realm

Celebrities aren't just famous faces; they're big-time creators with many fans and a massive influence. Brands have always wanted celebs to give them a thumbs-up because it creates a big buzz. 

These partnerships often lead to a lot of people talking about the brand. But here's the twist—in this new world of direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands, celebrities aren't just endorsing; they're becoming brand creators themselves.

Imagine Hollywood stars like Jessica Alba, Kate Hudson, and Gwyneth Paltrow putting on their entrepreneur hats. They're not just using their star power to say, "This brand is cool." They're saying, "Hey, I'm part of making this brand awesome." It's a whole new ball game.

In this era, celebrities are not just faces but the driving force behind brands. People trust them, and when they say something is good, it means something. It's not just about getting attention but building a brand that people can trust. 

These celebs-turned-entrepreneurs are adding a whole new chapter to the story of DTC brands, turning them into not just products but experiences backed by the trust and recognition that comes with a celebrity name.

The Four Cs Framework for Organic Marketing

As the DTC landscape continues its dynamic evolution, the key to success lies in a brand's ability to manufacture organic marketing. The Four Cs framework—Content, Consumers, Creators, and Celebrities—offers a comprehensive roadmap for achieving this goal. 

Brands can strategically leverage one or more of these components to drive growth and thrive in this ever-changing and vibrant digital marketing era. As you cultivate organic marketing in a video-centric age, keep the Four C's framework in mind. 

You don't need to incorporate every part of the framework to level up your organic marketing. Pick one or two realistic pieces and add your spin. You've got this.

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