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Google's Search Generative Experience (SGE) Updates From 8/15/23

Google's Search Generative Experience (SGE) Updates From 8/15/23

On August 15, 2023, Google introduced a range of exciting features for its revolutionary Search Generative Experience.

These upgrades include the introduction of SGE while browsing, definition overlays within SGE responses, and a novel color-coded syntax highlighting system to enhance coding comprehension and overall coding experience within SGE answers.

The purpose behind these new features, according to Google, is to facilitate better learning and comprehension of information found on the web.

Whether users are grappling with intricate concepts, looking to refine their coding prowess, or seeking to uncover intricate details within complex subjects, these features are designed to cater to their needs.

SGE While Browsing Feature

One of the standout additions is the SGE while browsing feature, which has been integrated into both the Chrome desktop browser and the Google app on iOS and Android devices.

When perusing a webpage, users can now prompt Google's SGE to generate key points extracted from the page.

This AI-powered tool will then deliver a concise summary of the content on the web page in question.

It's important to note that this functionality is applicable to "some web pages," meaning it might not be compatible with all online content.

Users have the option to tap and access an AI-generated list of crucial points covered in an article, complete with links that facilitate direct access to the desired information within the article.

Moreover, the "Explore on page" feature allows users to pose questions and navigate to the relevant sections for in-depth exploration.

Unlike an automated process, this feature requires user-initiated requests for SGE to summarize a specific web page.

Notably, this feature will not function on paywalled content, making it incompatible with structured data designed for such content.

Paywalled Content and Opt-Out

Google has explicitly stated that paywalled content will not be accessible through the SGE while browsing feature.

If a webpage employs paywall structured data, this feature will be disabled for that content.

While there is currently no specific meta tag to prevent SGE summarization, the absence of paywall structured data is the only available alternative for opting out.

Furthermore, SGE while browsing is contingent upon a webpage being indexed by Google.

Consequently, blocking a page from being indexed will render this feature non-functional for that page, albeit at the cost of its visibility on Google Search.

It's important to clarify that the key points generated by SGE are based on the latest indexed version and may not necessarily correspond to real-time content changes.

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SGE Definitions Enhancement

Google has also incorporated enhancements to definitions within SGE-generated answers.

Certain words within the AI-generated responses are now accompanied by definitions, akin to the contextual links seen in featured snippets. This addition, according to Danny Sullivan, Google's Search Liaison, employs technology similar to that used for featured snippets.

Users can hover over specific words to preview their definitions and access related diagrams or images on the topic.

This feature spans various subjects, including STEM, economics, and history, among others. Clicking on the "Tell me more about [topic]" bubble leads users to SGE's conversation mode, offering further insights into the referenced topic.

Coding Improvements in SGE

In a bid to enhance the coding experience, SGE has integrated color syntax highlighting into its code examples.

Segments of code within overviews are now color-coded, enabling users to quickly and easily identify elements such as keywords, comments, and strings.

This enhancement aims to simplify code comprehension and streamline the process of digesting code snippets.

Big Whoop? Yes, It is

The rapid evolution of AI in search is evident through Google's SGE, which stands as a significant player in this domain.

The introduction of SGE while browsing, reminiscent of Bing Chat's Edge sidebar feature, is a substantial stride towards bridging the gap between AI and user interaction.

These enhancements hold the potential to enhance content understanding for users, offer insights into SGE's content comprehension capabilities, and facilitate faster content consumption.

So, yeah. At the very least, a moderate sized whoop.

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