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3 min read

Navigating Google's Content Update: A Guide for Ecommerce & Tech

Google's September 2023 core update shook many ecommerce and tech sites to their core. Traffic and rankings dropped sharply, leaving businesses...

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google perspectives

3 min read

Unveiling Google's Perspectives Filter and Carousel: A Mobile SERP Game Changer

On June 10, 2023, Google introduced the highly anticipated Perspectives feature within its mobile search results, a development initially teased at...

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google trained generative model

2 min read

Google's Trained Generative Model and Query Variants in Search

A Google patent was published on May 30, 2023, titled "Generating Query Variants Using A Trained Generative Model."

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microsoft generative retrieval

1 min read

Microsoft's Groundbreaking Generative Retrieval Model

Microsoft Research recently unveiled a groundbreaking conversational question answering model that promises to redefine the future of web search....

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domain registrars and web hosting providers

3 min read

Exploring the Distinct Roles of Domain Registrars and Web Hosting Providers

The internet undergoes constant evolution, shaped by the ever-changing demands of a connected world, profoundly altering our modes of communication,...

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