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AI’s Impact: Insights from CMI's 2024 Career and Salary Outlook

AI’s Impact: Insights from CMI's 2024 Career and Salary Outlook

Have you experienced the unpredictable shifts in your career caused by AI this year? Many content marketers have shared similar sentiments. 

The Content Marketing Institute (CMI) released their Career and Salary Outlook 2024. This year, they’ve focused on quantifying AI's influence on the content marketing profession.

Read on to check out the highlights and insights.

1. Content Marketer's Earnings: Beyond the Average

Content marketers in the United States earn an average of $112,000 annually. This figure, while robust, comes with nuances. Nearly half of respondents (47%) believe they are fairly compensated. 

However, as with any average, the whole story lies in the details impacted by age, location, role, and gender. For a comprehensive understanding, registration for the full report is encouraged, allowing a comparison of earnings with peers in similar areas and roles.

A valuable piece of advice from a respondent echoes the importance of strategic employer choices. Aligning with a company that recognizes the value of marketing ensures the necessary resources, recognition, and promotions.

2. Embracing Generative AI in Content Roles

Content marketers exhibit a curiosity for experimentation, especially with AI technologies. A significant 75% use generative AI tools like ChatGPT or Grammarly in their professional capacities. 

Notably, 47% leverage these tools for brainstorming new topics, 46% for researching headlines and keywords, and 29% for proofreading. Surprisingly, over one-third (36%) employ AI for content generation.

The optimistic viewpoint from a respondent emphasizes how AI acts as a force multiplier, reducing effort on mundane tasks and emphasizing value-added skills for skilled content creators.

3. Concerns About AI Impact on Careers

Despite the widespread adoption of tools like ChatGPT and Bing Chat, content marketers harbor concerns about their professional future in the age of AI. One respondent articulates a prevailing worry: "I'm very concerned. Our work is undervalued, and AI might exacerbate the situation."

Writers and editors express anxiety over the potential commoditization of their skills, anticipating a decline in respect and compensation. A notable 46% fear that generative AI could drive down their overall earnings.

4. Upskilling Trends in the Age of AI

In response to the AI wave, content marketers are shifting their focus towards 'AI-proof' skills. Learning to work with new technologies takes the lead at 48%, a two-point increase from the 2023 outlook. Closely following are the interests in improving data analytics/data science skills (42%) and leadership skills (42%).

Conversely, creative skills such as writing, editing, video, and audio are receiving less attention. A year ago, 40% were interested in refining their writing and editing skills; this year, the figure dropped significantly to 22%. This shift raises concerns in a profession reliant on talented and creative writers and editors to engage audiences.

As legal, intellectual privacy, accuracy, and quality concerns grow, there's a potential for a return in momentum favoring the human touch over purely technical skills.

5. Content Marketing Work Satisfaction and Career Growth

Despite a reported 54% satisfaction level among content marketers, concerns about career advancement persist. Only 25% of marketers see a clear path for career progression within their current companies. A significant 75% either consider leaving their present employer for career advancement or cannot identify a viable path forward.

This issue extends beyond individual experiences, impacting the entire profession. A notable 62% of content marketers assert the absence of a clear career ladder. Even leaders, with 52% at the director level or above, align with this sentiment.

With the uncertainty introduced by generative AI, leaders are urged to develop clear career progressions for their team members. Use these insights as a practical compass to guide you through the landscape of an AI-infused future in content marketing. Remember: adaptability and strategic foresight are paramount for a thriving career.

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