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Good News, Everyone!

Good News, Everyone!

The connections you make in PR endeavors often encircle news outlets, news cycles, journalists and other people with a platform. It’s vital to have a foundational understanding of what’s going on. Coverage shifts, news stories change and the front-page becomes old news pretty fast. The rate of change can be staggering. What’s more, it should not be the focus. 

Nobody will ever keep up and be endlessly relevant. Brands have a voice, a message and a say. And that will both enter and exit the stage. Spotlights have an off switch. This reality has an important application for both PR professionals and the people who hire them: your news is good news.

Let me explain. Whether you sell bread or buildings, the people on your team have important things to say. And you have a role in the market and in the world. It’s up to you to find and project the good news you have to offer. 

You simply need to identify:

  1. A unique perspective
  2. The right voice 
  3. The right platform
  4. The right time

A Unique Perspective

COVID-19 has upended news cycles, dominated headlines and hijacked messaging worldwide. It understandably has the eyes of the world. This doesn’t mean that your start-up should die. Even amidst the apparent chaos or dystopia of this pandemic, your perspective matters. The reality is, even if everyone talks about the same thing, not everyone says the same thing. And that difference can make all of the difference for your PR strategy.

Here’s an example. John Krasinski, a famous actor and producer, came out with a show called “Some Good News.” To call it a show is generous. He set up a camera in his home, let his daughter hand-draw an intro screen, and has created a totally lovable (highly viewed) YouTube phenomenon. 

Everyone is talking about humanity and health right now. The difference? Krainski decided to shift the vantage point. Sitting in an office chair in front of some shelves, he speaks from a place of positivity and levity. This is in stark contrast to any other news channel you’ll find. And so, he created something durable… and viral. That is the power of a unique perspective.

Do you have a unique perspective? Is there something occurring in your industry, or in society at large, that you see differently? If you can find a unique take, you have the beginning of some good news to share.

The Right Voice 

What you see is going to be communicated through what you say. And who says it matters. You may have a brilliant mind but trouble articulating your thoughts. Or, you may be well-spoken but not the right face for your brand. Business owners—especially start-ups with lean teams—can fall into the trap of “being everything to everyone.” 

Reality? The margin between David Letterman and Jay Leno’s audiences was slim. But nobody would have tuned in if those monologues were performed by Christopher Waltz. Multi-billion dollar industries like late-night television and national news outlets function with talent in mind. Picking the right person to speak out in print, video or podcasts is going to be key to your success.

The Right Platform

Let’s talk about print, video or podcasts for a minute. Because the platform is just as essential as your first two choices. Approaching your audience on the internet is a strategy that will change significantly depending on where you are presenting. You already know that your Twitter presence is different from Facebook

Beyond social media, your options for news coverage in digital media vary in numerous ways. 

There are a few important points here:

  1. You can only speak where you have some recognition, audience, awareness or authority. This credentialing is part of how a PR professional helps you succeed.
  2. You need to partner strategically. It is tempting to take any and every offer that will provide publicity. Especially in sprints or seasons of change, your brand needs to maintain integrity of identity in which you consent to be featured or broadcast your message.
  3. Platforms change. What worked when you had 10 employees may not work when you have 100. You need agile strategies.

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The Right Time

Lastly, timeliness is essential. The world may feel in turmoil now but the unfortunate truth is there will always be competing news. Whether it is economic, social, health-related or international, there is no barren news cycle awaiting your presence. 

When you step out will influence the impact you have. This last, crucial step should be part of your holistic PR strategy. Don’t leave it to chance. Partner wisely and plan well.

Need assistance? Hire a Writer helps clients curate the right messages, select the right voices and strategize for the right timing. Contact us to learn more.

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