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B2B Content Marketing Report: 2 Examples

B2B Content Marketing Report: 2 Examples

Want to boost your B2B content marketing? We've got you covered! Get two real-life marketing report examples from Company A and Company B for January and June 2023. Learn fundamental metrics, KPIs, and analysis for successful strategies. Empower yourself to create impressive reports that drive better results and lead your team to success. 

Whether you're a marketing pro or a business owner, these examples serve as invaluable references. Explore website traffic, lead generation, content engagement, and social media optimization. Leverage the insights from Companies A and B to make informed decisions and refine your strategy. Let’s get started!

Example 1: The Impressive Journey of Company A

Executive Summary

This report analyzes the content marketing efforts of Company A for the period of January to June 2023. It presents key data metrics, KPIs, and actionable recommendations to optimize its B2B content marketing strategy and drive better results.

Data Metrics and KPIs

a) Website Traffic:

Total website visits: 120,000

Average time on site: 2 minutes 45 seconds

Bounce rate: 42%

b) Lead Generation:

Total leads generated: 1,500

Conversion rate: 3.75%

Cost per lead: $25

Company A has displayed outstanding lead generation capabilities, with 1,500 leads. However, their conversion rate is 3.75%, which falls below industry averages for conversions. Fret not; we'll provide expert guidance on nurturing leads maximizing the conversion process, and reducing lead costs (currently at $25) without compromising quality.

c) Content Engagement:

Total content downloads: 5,000

Average social shares per post: 100

Email open rate: 20%

Company A garners impressive engagement numbers: 5,000 total content downloads and 100 social shares per post. Their email open rate is incredible! 


a) Website Traffic:

Website traffic has consistently grown over the past six months, indicating effective content promotion strategies. The average time on site is great, but there is always room for improvement to increase engagement and drive deeper interactions.

b) Lead Generation:

The conversion rate of 3.75% is below the industry average, indicating potential lead nurturing issues or the website's conversion funnel quality. The cost per lead is within an acceptable range, but make efforts to optimize campaigns and reduce costs without compromising lead quality.

c) Content Engagement:

Content downloads and social shares indicate strong interest in Company A's content offerings. The average email open rate suggests the need for more targeted and compelling email campaigns to improve engagement.


Enhance Website Engagement

It's time for a look! Visitors can fully engage with a platform offering games, calculators, and personalized content. Incorporating these elements into the website will captivate viewers. Encourage them to dive into their research.

Lead Generation Done Right

The secret to releasing unrealized potential is fine-tuning the conversion funnel – review it thoroughly. Implement effective lead nurturing tactics to help Company A achieve unparalleled conversion rates. Establishing genuine connections with prospective leads through targeted and tailored content is the key to successfully guiding them through the buyer journey.

Release The Power Of Content Promotion

Establish strategic alliances with thought leaders and influential figures in the industry to help you identify the best-performing content champions and expand their influence. The engagement across many platforms will expand dramatically due to this infectious effect. Automate content distribution to ensure a smooth flow of exciting stuff.

content business resources

Example 2: Displaying the marvels of Company B

Executive Summary:

This report evaluates the content marketing performance of Company B for the period of January to June 2023. It comprehensively analyzes data metrics, KPIs, and actionable recommendations to enhance their B2B content marketing strategy and drive better outcomes.

Data Metrics and KPIs:

a) Organic Search:

Organic website traffic: 80,000 sessions

Organic conversion rate: 2.5%

Keyword ranking improvement: 25%

b) Social Media:

Total followers gained: 10,000

Average engagement rate: 3.2%

Referral traffic from social media: 5,000 sessions

Due to welcoming 10,000 new followers, Company B's fan base has grown. The following benchmarks include raising their existing average engagement rate of 3.2% and further bewitching audiences with enhanced social referral traffic (5,000 sessions).

c) Content Performance:

Blog posts published: 40

Top-performing content: 5 blog posts with the highest page views

Time spent on content: Average of 3 minutes per blog post

They have written 40 blog articles thus far and show no signs of slowing down, which is their trademark. Five of the most successful blog entries have attracted high-quality visitors who spend an average of 3 minutes enjoying the material.


a) Organic Search:

The organic website traffic shows steady growth, indicating effective search engine optimization efforts. The organic conversion rate is below the target KPI, suggesting the need for optimization of landing pages and CTAs to improve lead generation.

b) Social Media:

The increase in followers indicates successful audience growth strategies on social media platforms. The average engagement rate is relatively low, signaling the need to improve content relevance and increase audience interaction.

c) Content Performance:

The number of blog posts published is consistent, demonstrating a commitment to regular content creation. The top-performing blog posts showcase the potential for generating high engagement and attracting website visitors.

b2b content marketing Recommendations

Ignite Organic Conversion Rate 

Explore the world of high-intent keywords, then unleash them on landing pages. To increase conversions, the game of conversion optimization necessitates constant A/B testing of CTAs. Conversions will soar, and the content will spark trust by adding exciting case studies and client testimonials.

Gain More Charm on Social Media

Investigate the psychology of your audience to create content that speaks to their hearts. Participate in polls, discussions, and live Q&A sessions. Form partnerships with influencers and use their networks to dominate the social sphere. The secret to increasing audience involvement on social media is comprehending their deepest aspirations. Company B will increase engagement levels by providing information that appeals to their interests and preferences, creating a lively online community.

Make Content Strategy Your Own

Start an exploration to find content gems by conducting a complete content audit. Determine the best-performing themes and formats so they may direct your future content efforts. Company B's content marketing will reach new heights thanks to a collection of potent images and enticing promotions.

b2b content marketing landscape 

The B2B content marketing landscape is brimming with excitement! By implementing these insights, Company A and Company B can become unstoppable forces in the competitive realm. As leaders, maintaining vigilance and unwavering resolve in optimization will ensure supremacy in content marketing. So, let us strive and conquer the path to achieve unparalleled success!

b2b content marketing - reports

As you can see, these two examples serve as valuable insight into the world of B2B content marketing reporting. Management will appreciate the straightforward nature of your reporting. 

B2B reporting doesn’t have to be complicated! Give the team what they need to know concisely, and they’ll be well prepared to take action.

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