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Professional Writers vs. Jasper AI

Professional Writers vs. Jasper AI

January can be full of new hope or lazily dashed dreams.

Endless poems have been written on this sometimes famed and sometimes defamed month.

In our ongoing effort to illustrate professional writing vs. AI, here is a comparison of Hire a Writer writers and Jasper AI.

Jasper's a great tool, by the way. It's been around longer than ChatGPT or Bard or any of the others. It performs well and is definitely an option to consider if you're looking for a content AI tool. Note that it is about a grand a year to use.

Just that caveat to clarify: no shade to the AI content tools. But they cannot be creative the way humans can.

Repetition in AI Copy

This exercise is essentially meant to illustrate how copy AI tools can (or can't) create new content based on the same brief. What you'll see below is samples of seven different professional writers, all operating under the same brief.

That brief was literally: "write one paragraph about January." Nothing else.

The exact same brief was given to Jasper AI, followed by the prompt "do it again," 7x.

Here are the results, side by side.

January by Taylor

January is a time to burrow in the body. Resuscitate in fat and fur. Sheild any tenderness from elemental sorrow. The silent brutality of snow. Let the wounds crust over. Harvest internal warmth to propagate something new. In January, we shrink into ourselves. We sleep. We speak only in sighs. Tuck the covers under every knee and elbow. Inhale only our own wasted carbon dioxide. It’s too dark to read. To smile. To look at the fingers and notice them aging. Salt stains on the soles of our feet. Exhaust smoke. Gratitude. From deep inside the body, even the brightest light is dim. But for a few days each year, you can look directly at the sun. You understand. Every day ends in the violent saturation of a winter sunset. So we hide in the body. Dig as deep as we can. It’s not that it’s dangerous outside. It’s that the soil is frozen. So the only way out is in.

Taylor vs. Jasper AI

January is a fresh start. It's the first month of the year, and it brings with it a sense of hopefulness for the days to come. For many people, January is a time for new beginnings, setting goals, and making resolutions that will shape their lives in the months ahead.

Are you a Taylor fan? Check out her bio and other blogs.

January by Ross

January is supposed to be everyone’s least favorite month of the year. The holidays are over. The weather sucks. It’s always dark. You can see why people hate it. 

But January also means opportunity. The clock is reset––it’s time to start anew. New projects, fresh strategies, novel ideas. Let’s go. 

Get ahead in January, and you get ahead for the year.

Ross vs. Jasper AI

January is the first month of the year and marks the official beginning of a fresh start. It's a time to reflect on the past year and make resolutions for the future. The month is associated with winter and typically sees colder temperatures in most places around the world. January also marks the start of many new year holidays, including New Year's Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Chinese New Year.

Are you a Ross fan? Check out his bio and other blogs.

January by Amy

January brings the kind of hope that always disappoints. There’s a promise of newness- new routine, new diet, new goals- and it’s almost enough to fool you into thinking everything isn’t exactly the way it was on December 31st.

New Year’s Day swiftly comes, nearly taking you with it. But once all the noise dies down and everyone has already broken their resolutions at least three and a half times, you realize you can change whenever you want. You can be a better human whenever you want. Once you’re free from the pressure of uprooting your entire life in the name of a new year, January looks a little bit brighter.

Amy vs. Jasper AI

January is the first month of the year and provides a fresh start for the months ahead. In the Northern Hemisphere, it marks the beginning of winter and the snow season. January is typically a cold and grey month, but it has its peaks of sunshine that provide an optimistic glow for the days ahead.

January by Mark

January is personified by rebirth. Out with the old, in with the new. At least for the first couple of weeks. Then gym memberships start to wain. Old habits creep back in. Over a few short weeks we settle back into our pre-New Year’s routine and count down the days until a precocious rodent leaves its den and tells us how much longer we must endure the long cold winter. By that point, all that was exciting and new has faded and it is just another day, in a different month, in a new year.

Mark vs. Jasper AI

January is the first month of the year and it brings with it a fresh start, as well as colder temperatures. January also marks the beginning of a new year, and is often associated with New Year's resolutions and goal setting. During this month, many people take to organizing their lives and coming up with concrete goals for the year ahead.

January by Sanders

Living in the Southern U.S., winters tend to be mild. January rarely brings any winter precipitation, just a little rain and a few days when the thermostat dips below freezing. It never feels like a real winter. Even so, January presents itself as the last breath of the season. It gives us a chance to look forward to the spring. Some turn depressed with the waning days and long nights, but as an eternal optimist, I always see opportunity. Opportunity and change in the new year, as cliche as it sounds. But change is inevitable. The only thing we can say for sure is that winter will come again, January will be cold and we will keep moving on moving forward.

Sanders vs. Jasper AI

January is the first month of the year in both the Julian and Gregorian calendars, and its cold winter chill is a reminder that the new year is just beginning. With the start of a new year, many celebrate by setting New Year’s resolutions, in which one can challenge oneself to learn new skills, push past one’s comfort zone, and ultimately grow.

January by Meagan

Whenever I hear the saying “New year, new me,” I cringe. I despise the idea of setting lofty goals in January when they just stress me out so much that I don’t even have a chance to succeed. Get organized, exercise more, eat better, meditate…it’s like making a long to-do list that you have to remember for 364 days. Instead, I use the month of January to reflect. What did I achieve over the past year? What did I struggle with? What have I learned? I choose to accept myself on January 1st and every day going forward. New year–same me.

Meagan vs. Jasper AI

January is often a time of renewal and optimism, marked by the start of a new year. It brings with it fresh energy and exciting prospects as we plan the upcoming year. January is a time to reflect on what we achieved in the past, and set goals for the future.

Are you a Meagan fan? Check out her bio and other blogs.

January by Joy

I broke the rules and did a poem. So I gave Jasper AI the same directions: "Write a poem about January" and that is the comparison you see here.

‍January is brittle bones and slick stepping stones

/it seeps underneath

/it’s a dried-leaf wreath

/an empty exhalation

January is blue.

January is sick of you.

It simply lasts too long.

Joy vs. Jasper AI

January chill winds blow so cold,

Letting us know winter's here to hold.

Snowflakes twirl and fall in swirls,

As happy children play in their winter furls.

Are you a Joy fan? Check out her bio and other blogs.

A Note About How We Compared Writers to Jasper AI

In case you are curious, the longer-form ones we did as a blog query, setting "conversational" as the tone.

The poem we did as a social post, using "small" as the composition metric (and not using the unfinished lines - they would have finished if we'd kept hitting compose).

Writers vs. AI

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